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August 13th, 2013

Two Years..2 years since lives were changed forever. Sometimes it seems forever..sometimes it seems like it just happened. Even though I try not to, not a day, hour, minute or second goes by that I do not think about that night.
It is amazing for me to see how the ones that were critically injured have come so far in just 24 months.

I read and look at Andrea and I see a strong women that has been through it all but still has that wonderful smile on her face. We finally met, of course, at an outdoor concert. Brad and Andrea ran and wheeled in  the 5k Graffiti Run this spring at the fairgrounds. Going past the Grandstand must have been so hard for both. I love the picture of the them in all of their colors. 

I keep in touch with Shannon and Jade and I am in awe of what both of them have accomplished and keep moving forward.

I am so happy for David and Nancy. They are awaiting for the arrival of their little boy any day now. I am still so grateful for David staying with Brad that night. We are now bonded for life with the same tattoo. Well, almost the same tattoo.  :)

I look at Brad and I just think oh my, you are only 19 years and you have accomplished so much more that most people will do in a life time.

I reflect over the past 2 years and I wonder how Brad has made things look so easy when I know that it takes so much more to do the daily activities of life. As time goes by, I know he will and conquer so much more in his lifetime.

Brad is going to stay closer to home this year for school. I feel that is what is best for both of us. As a mom, I will not worry so much. As for Jeremiah, he is happy that they can argue in person and not by facetime. Ginger is so happy that she can sit on his lap everyday!

I know this next year will again bring lots of changes in our lives.Our attitude is still "bring it on" because our Motto is still.."We will Sieze the Day


PS...Ginger also helps him drive.