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Happy Holidays!

Wow...Christmas and New Year already. Hard to believe it will be 2013. Another year, another 365 days to conquer and move forward.  

On to better and brighter news...Team Brad and Pete,Brad's service dog,graduated on December 14th. It is so different to have a dog with us at all times. Pete is fitting right and Ginger has told him that she is top dog and will always be number 1.

Brad spent 2 weeks in training at the Women's Prison.

I cannot express how thankful I am to all the handlers, and ICAN staff. Yes, Pete will be going back to BSU and living with Brad in his dorm. Pete is a very smart boy and I am sure he will fit right in.

Things to look forward to in 2013 is watching the "littles" grow and grow....Jeremiah is such a young man.

Also, we just booked a cruise in March,  Brad and I just need time away from Cold and Damp Indy, so we are going to be in warm and sunny Bahamas.