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Wow..I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. Looking back over this past year, I am so thankful that Brad is doing amazing!!

Brad is loving his first semester at Ball State. He changed his major to Journalism and I know he will be great

We also have a couple of new additions to our family. Joshua Gregory Lee was born on June 11th and Brad is loving being a Godfather....he fits right in with Jeremiah, Emily and Justine.

Our other addition is Pete. Brad is going to be going into training at the women's prison the first of December. Brad is going to be Pete's person...An ICAN dog..Brad's service dog..that will be there to open doors, pickup keys, retreive items and lots of other things. I do believe they will be good for each other!!  Never fear, Ginger is not going any where. She will stay on Brad's lap and I am sure will keep Pete in line.

Again, I want to say Thank You to everyone that has been with us through our journey. I know we still have more things to accomplish but I am so thankful for how far we have come in just a little over a year.

Wishing everyone a Heartfelt Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas Season.

ps....shhh....My Christmas Wish....To have Brad meet Taylor Swift when she comes to Indy in April...WISHING..Wishing...wishing...