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bradley’s Story

Brad was at the Sugarland concert on Aug.13, 2011, When the accident happened. We have set this website up to keep family and friends updated as to his progress...

Brad loves concerts. He loves Sugarland and wanted a Sugerpit Ticket for the concert at the Indiana State Fair. Brad waiting in line from noon until the gates opened @ 6:15. He was standing in the front row and has pictures of touching the stage and the playlist for Sugarland.

The sky got dark and all of a sudden there was a big gust of could see the tent on the left side get blown away and then...the stage was like a domino and just toppled and fell on the ones in the Sugarpit..

Our journey begins.....

Latest Journal Update


Well, the day that we have been waiting for arrived on Monday, January 5th. The big "21" Birthday!! What better way to celebrate than a trip to Las Vegas!! Having a wonderful time and counting the times he gets carded. Loves pulling out his ID

2014 was another year of big changes for us. These big changes were the ones that we chose.
After the winter of 2014 and Brad having to stay indoors most of January and February, we decided to move to a warmer climate. So, as of October, 2014, we packed up and Moved to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Love the area that our realitor found for us. 10 minutes to the beach, 2 hours to Disneyworld and 2 hours to Savannah and Tybee Island. Warmer weather.. So much easier on wheelchairs!!

Brad is starting classes at the local collage in February and working part-time at Target. It is nice to see green in January instead of Indiana White.  Life is good. 

2015 will be a busy year as in February we will start adapting the house the way that Brad wants it !

So much relief and less worries now that we are back in control of our lives. 

2015 we are ready!!  Carpe Diem