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Boone’s Story

On Friday, November 8th Boone was injured in a football game against Bishop Kelly, resulting in a broken neck. He had surgery that night where the doctors took out the bursted bone and implanted a titanium plate into the other fractured bone. We want everyone to know that he is in good spirits and appreciates all the prayers, love, and support from you all. We will update as time progresses.

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Latest Journal Update

More of Boone's Journey

Boone continues to strengthen the functions he has. Still praying, still waiting, hoping for some movement in his right hand. He can now hold a water bottle up to his mouth with his left hand. He is gaining balance while sitting on the edge of the bed with no assistance. Having no tricep muscles inhibits him from being able to upright himself in bed and to maneuver his wheelchair by himself. This is an extremely frustrating fact for him. For the most part Boone is keeping a good attitude. Of course there are times when it all seems impossible, but he finds the strength to keep going. Pain is still causing grief, another urology appointment next week to try to get a handle on that. He has been able to propel his legs forward in the pool. He is able to lift and direct his left leg better and better while the right leg is still coming along. The medications he is on makes him extremely tired as well as the full days of therapy. Thank goodness for the weekends full if rest and recovery!!!
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Monique Kilroy, RN
By Monique Kilroy, RN
The Parish of Holy Apostles has been praying for Boone and your entire family during this difficult time. We want you to know you are on our list of Prayers for the Sick, which the Deacons and Priests pray over before each Mass, and he is included in our Healing Services, held on the first and third Wednesdays of the Month in our Day Chapel at 7:00pm We will have one tonight.
May God bless you and give you strength.
Holy Apostles Parish Nurses
Amy Wilson
By Amy Wilson
That's awesome, thanks for the update Bailey! :-) stay strong Bartlome's
Lori Cafferty
By Lori Cafferty
We follow your updates on the Kuna Football FB site and also here. We pray for you daily and you are contestantly in our thoughts and on our hearts. You are an amazing inspiration and we hope you will call on us if we can help or support you and your family with anything, large or small... My kids (Shane, Alisha, Clayton, Chance, Cord, Josie) met you in Denver, and spent the day with you, Justin, and your parents. They loved the time with you and tell me they can't wait to visit you again <3 Stay strong, you are loved by many! Xoxo The Cafferty's