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After weeks of headaches and a personality change, dad went into the doctor to get things checked out. Doctors found a tumor on his brain and scheduled him for biopsy and surgery to move as much of the tumor as possible.

Please keep updated by reading dad's full story, journal entries and looking at pictures.

About two to three weeks before Christmas, Dad started getting bad headaches moving from the back of his neck, over the top of his head to his

forehead. Thinking it was nothing, he tried to sleep it off and take Excedrin. The next week, as mom was preparing for Christmas, dad started acting a little differently—not quite like himself. His normal alertness, focus and preciseness had changed and he now struggled with concentration, engaging in conversation and staying on task.

On Sunday, December 30, dad was trying to finish paperwork and could not finish the task. Mom insisted that he go to the emergency room to get tests done and figure out the problem. At the Orange City ER we saw a doctor and explained the symptoms. The doctor said that symptoms of headaches and personality changes are often related to brain cancer. He got a CAT scan in order to get a better look at the brain and see abnormalities. The results came back showing a mass, or a tumor on dad’s brain. After talking to a doctor, dad was rushed to Mercy/> Medical/> Center/>/> in Sioux City/>, IA/>/> by ambulance to the Neuro-Orthopedics Unit.

At Mercy/> Hospital/>/>, a neurosurgeon talked to mom, dad and I and explained the medical situation. There is a tumor in the front-center of dad’s brain, between the two hemispheres, as well as swelling on the brain. He could not tell whether the tumor was malignant or benign until he did a biopsy. So he scheduled surgery for Thursday afternoon to do a biopsy and then remove as much of the remaining tumor as possible.

After a day and a half of steroids, to reduce the swelling, dad started acting more like his usual self—able to carry on a conversation, able to focus and remember, as well as be more jovial. He and the family are patiently awaiting the surgery and are praying for God’s guiding hands and a miracle.


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I pray your family has a blessed Christmas filled with many wonderful memories of Bob. I realize it was also be an occasion for sadness too. May the loving memories ... Read more

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Sharon and Liz, I was just thinking about your family and made a mental note to drop you a note. Thanks for writing this update and giving us all an opportunity to ... Read more

Liz Reynen posted a new journal entry.

November, 2008 Dear Family & Friends, It is a true blessing to be able to send you greetings and share with you the beginning of an exciting chapter in our lives. ... Read more

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Thanks Liz. I, too, will pray about your calling. By the faith you exhibit and the words you smith into existence, I wouldn't be surprised to be see your calling have ... Read more

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Thank you Liz! That was a beautiful tribute!! I appreciate your thoughts, and they are so true, as I knew your dad very well! My love and prayers to you and your ... Read more

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Those are truly personal and private thoughts. They are beautiful, true and felt deeply. Thank you for sharing those with us. You continue to be in my prayers. Nancy Read more

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I have been away from Hollandale for nearly 19 years now but I still cherish my memories of Bob. I have always looked up to him with respect. I thank the Lord for his ... Read more

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Dear Reynen Family, Bob and I are first cousins-once-removed. I met him at Northwestern where we were classmates. I do not remember how we discovered we were related, ... Read more

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