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Bob’s Story

Five years ago Bob's body left us. His spirit did not. Thanks to all of you who continue to leave tributes here, and who support the Bob Moog Foundation, which honors the Moog Legacy by educating and inspiring people through electronic music. Visit us at

Michelle Moog-Koussa
Executive Director
The Bob Moog Foundation


Bob first noticed something wrong with his arm in late March. By the end of a lovely trip to Alaska, it was bad enough to check in with his doctor. The MRI showed the tumor on April 28th. Bob went for a second opinion at Duke on May 10th and was told that it was inoperable because of the location in the motor strip ("the eloquent area of the brain"). On May 16th he had a biopsy at Duke. He started to lose leg function a few days later. By the May 27th he could no longer use his left leg. It turned out that this was because of a bleed in the tumor. It was our hope that as the bleed resorbs function would return. Bob's tumor is a glioblastoma multiforme or GBM for short. We were lucky his children have helped us find resources by and about people with this kind of tumor. We worked with a nutritionist, Dr. Jean Wallace, who specializes in brain tumors, and feel very fortunate to have made this connection.