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This is Ileana Grams-Moog, thinking about the fifth anniversary of Bob's death, this coming Saturday. I am touched that so many people still log onto this site to read the tributes to Bob, and my yearly reflections on his life and death. This year, as always, I am thinking about the joy Bob brought into my life through being the wonderful person that he was, and the joy he brought into the lives of so many others who were privileged to meet him, hear him speak, ask him a question, or spend time with him in some way. The warmth, kindness, humor, and human presence that characterized him communicated themselves even in the briefest encounter with him, from what so many of you have told me.

He brought joy to many more through the instruments he designed and built for others to play. And of course, through those musicians, millions were, are, and will be touched by his work. What a legacy! I know that it is a living legacy not only from the continued popularity of his instruments, but from the feedback the Bob Moog Foundation gets from its activities and appearances. People still care and are moved by his work and his memory.

It is a bit ironic, and sad, therefore, that all of this love and devotion has not translated into a more stable operationg budget for the Bob Moog Foundaton, which still struggles daily to continue doing things that people seem to enjoy and care about.

My mother and father had few things in common (they separated when I was five). But they did share a commitment to supporting good causes, and they passed that commitment on to me. Giving to a cause you believe in feels good. It feels meaningful and empowering. Our consumer culture is focussed on convincing us that life is about the acquisition of things that will entertain us, save us work, or give us more power. But our hearts--as well as lots of research--tell us the truth: Life is about loving and connecting to others, and knowing that they and the world are better off because of us.

Bob really lived the truth of that. He supported many causes he believed in. I would like to ask you to do the same. I believe that giving to others is part of a worthwhile life. I hope you will feel moved to give some amount to an organization you believe in, in honor of Bob. If that organization is the Bob Moog Foundation, that will help to continue to make his presence felt in the world. But wherever you give, choosing to make a difference for good is a fitting tribute to Bob Moog. I can't think of one he would like better.