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Busy Bobby

Bobby has been busy and working hard at school.  He is now making more sounds and communicating more in is him own way.  He does enjoy school and daycare although he has a little bit of a hard time seeing me in the hallway. 

He enjoys time with his peers and his daycare teacher is one of his favorite people which makes things work out great.  I can not say enough good things about Bobby's teachers and support staff they are remarkable!

Speech Therapy still isn't his thing, he just isn't interested in doing things that aren't his way, he is starting to learn that this is for his benefit but doesn't like it.  As I said before we will be taking a break from this. 

Bobby works well with his teachers with progress being made so that is always great to hear. 

Bobby has been enjoying going to his sister Madison's Volleyball games after school.  I think he is their biggest fan and enjoys cheering them on!!  All of the girls are great with him and enjoy his enthusiasm for their games!

Bobby has a birthday coming up on April 18th has going to be 5!!! Where has all the time gone!!

We are planning a party at the house with our close friends and family which is always a great time. 

Bobby doesn't have any appointments coming up for a few months, this is completely different to his first few years and we are enjoying just playing at home!!

Lots of Love and Heart Hugs,