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Bobby's Vision Progress

Bobby had his eye appointments back in February.  We also had a blizzard that day with no school and roads drifting shut by snow, I had called to see if we could reschedule his appointments and was told that it would be another 3 months to get him in, Bobby was already a few months behind on his appointments due to having trouble scheduling them. 

We braved the weather and left an hour earlier then normal, his first appointment was at 7:30.  The roads were ice and snow covered with a few spots that were one lane due to huge drifts, Bob drove and we took our time, there were a few spots that I wanted to turn around although it was very difficult to find a place to do so, when there was a spot that we could maneuver a turn around the south lane was drifted shut so we continued to head North.  There were no other cars on the road and it was clear that we were the only crazy ones who drove in blizzards.  We made it with no problems.  Our way home was about the same but in daylight. The roads had been plowed and were drifting shut again it made for some interesting scenery with huge 6 foot drifts to where the highway was suppose to be.  Our drive home took a little longer to make but that too was without incident.  I guess that is what you get living in Minnesota in February

still dislikes having his pressures taken but overall did pretty good. 

 There is more calcium on his left eye (his seeing eye) his lid is also getting a little more droopy but it is maintaining it's health so we will not be doing anything with that right now.

Bobby's vision is right eye has made huge improvements and he will need to get new lenses that aren't as strong, he will still need to have focals due to the artificial lens in the right eye.

This was a very good appointment and his eyes are doing great.  Bobby will go back in 6 months for his regular check ups with both doctors.  He hasn't has a sedated eye exam in awhile and we will discuss if that is needed at his appointments in August. 

Both of Bobby's eye doctors were pleased on how him eyes looked!!!

Lots of Love and Heart Hugs,


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1 Comment

Leslie Salerno
By Leslie Salerno
You two are the bravest, most dedicated parents. Thankful you made it there and back safely, and that the exam went well. Xoxo