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Bobby's Speech Appointments

Bobby has started Speech Therapy with a Speech Pathologist at Mayo. 

Bobby does not seem too interested in therapy at all, he did work for a short time, I feel that he wants to talk so bad on his own that he knows what he is saying and that he had full conversations with us, we on the other hand can understand some sounds and can put it together most of the time.  Bobby is making more sounds, more beginning sounds as well.  He really isn't interested in learning new signs, he wants to talk.

The Speech Pathologist suggested that we try a speaking device with him.  Where he would push buttons and the device would say what he wanted, Bob recorded his voice to the pictures of cup, potty, snack, and so on Bobby would push the buttons and we would get him what he requested through the device, that was not what Bobby wanted, he was just playing with it.  Instead if Bobby wanted a cup of milk he would walk to the fridge and bring you the gallon of milk.  We tried that for about a month and it didn't seem to catch his attention so we returned it.  Thankfully there is a place in Rochester that lets you loan out the devices for a month at a time at no charge.  I think we may try a different model and see if that helps him.

He knows what he wants and when he wants and he also knows that we know what he wants , so in a way I feel like we are enabling him to not talk, he is stubborn which has gotten him really far in the life he has had.  We just now need to find out what works best for him.  So on to something knew with the speech.

Bobby didn't take to well to Speech Therapy and wasn't interested in it we took a break from it and will be returning to sessions this fall.  It is really hard to have him work on something he doesn't have interest in or wants to participate. 

Bobby still has the amazing support staff at school and they have all seen wonderful improvements and progress.

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1 Comment

Leslie Salerno
By Leslie Salerno
Kayla it's so good to catch up on Bobby's progress. Thanks for the updates. Bobby is doing so well thank God. And you sound so well too! That's wonderful.

I think you're probably right about Bobby's communicating with you all so naturally, that he's not interested in working on his speech. Wish I knew what would help. Maybe the different model of that machine. I think one day Bobby will decide he is ready and wants to work on speaking. I'll be adding that to my prayers for him.