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Cardiology Appointment and Christmas

Bobby had a cardiology appointment with Echo right before Christmas.  Bobby did great with his Echo and laid nice and still while watching a movie.  This is one thing that he always seems to do pretty good with, now if you take his blood pressure he will let you know that he doesn't like one second of that. 

Bobby's heart is looking great, with the right side still working a little harder then the left.  He is doing perfectly and Dr. Eidem was very pleased with how Bobby looks.  He is growing nicely. 

With his echo and how well he is doing his cardiology appointments will now be pushed out every 9 months instead of every 6 months!  This is great news but also has me a little nervous since he has been seen either every 3 or 6 months.  It will be an adjustment for sure. 

There was also talk about letting him out grow his heart med once again, at this time he will continue taking it but at the same dose, the dose has not been upped in a few years.  We will discuss this more at his next appointment. 

Bobby continues to learn new things and is coming along great.  He is healthy and happy!!

We had a great Christmas and Santa was good to the kids once again.  Bobby sure does enjoy opening presents.  He got a Thomas the Train train track and absolutely loves it.  He will sit for a long time and just watch the train go around, although he does like to knock the trains off the track too.   It is so nice to have Christmas break off with the kids.  We tried the Elf on the Shelf this year, Bobby didn't seem to interested in it but we will try it again next year. 

Lots of Love and Heart Hugs,