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November 17th

First off I would like to thank all of you who took time to read my entry on November 17th, your kind words mean so much to me!  We as a family have an amazing support system.  To the ones I yell and cry to, the ones that pray from far away, the ones who simply read because they care and the ones we have never met you are all such a blessing.  I know that Bobby has touched many people and so many care about him, and to us that is remarkable.  I am so glad that all of our readers have heard Bobby roar, Chad that made me smile.  Thank you.

So November 17th is a day my subconscious will never forget and I did think of this date late last week and put it to the back of my mind.  November 17th is the day that Bobby had brain surgery 3 years ago. 

This year on November 17 and all of this past weekend I swear Bobby had it out for me just doing naughty little things but on the 17th I was frustrated, irritated and worried.  Now looking back at the date I have a better understanding of why I was and am feeling so anxious and worried.  Three years ago was the hardest surgery, they have all been hard but this brain surgery scared me so much, between unexplained low heart rates that we couldn't figure out to being put back in the ICU after being out on the floor and me just simply not understanding the brain.  The heart is very complex, the eyes yes they are complex but the brain for some reason I have a hard time understanding the many things that it does. 

I just wanted to get these thoughts out there before we head in for the EEG tomorrow, to maybe calm my mind.  I have been so worried since November 17th.  Isn't it crazy how we remember things but not fully remember them all at once, see again the mind confuses me lol. 

I do have a good feeling about this appointment tomorrow, I may not want to hear what the results show or maybe  I will.  This appointment will also be something that we as a family will get through, we will support Bobby in every way that we can!

I was just reading on Bobby's appointment for tomorrow and I must have missed the part that he can only have 4-5 hours of sleep tonight and we have to wake him up 2 hours earlier then normal, he is going to be so tired and so is this mama.  He can have milk in the morning so that will make him happy when he is up at 4. 

I will update on how his appointment goes tomorrow or Thursday.  We may not have the results tomorrow if I remember correctly our doctor said that he was going to be out and would call us with the results or schedule an appointment, fingers crossed that all goes smooth and well. 

Lots of Love and Heart Hugs,