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By christine vitiello tyler s mom — Nov 17, 2013 9:44pm
As I read your new entry... my heart breaks for you.. As a mother all you want is your child to be healthy and happy.. Life is  not easy , and just know your an amazing mother..Your his advocate fighting everyday for all he needs ,, and your doing an amazing job.. KNOW THIS!!! sometimes in life we want all the answers..But God isnt ready to give them to us when we want the answers..some questions you may have in your head will take years to have the answers you so desperately want to hear.. This i know I am living it with Tyler my son..he is now 19 after suffering a broken neck , and paralyzing spinal cord injury.. I remember my son going into a 12 hour surgery not knowing if he would make it through the surgery,, then will he ever walk again..I begged the doctors for the answer i so desperately needed to hear. will he walk?  they could not answer me.. time, therapy at kessler for ever a year..and now my beautiful son walks again.. I feel your pain as a mom , with doctors picking him apart.. But just try as hard as it is to always remember HE IS HERE WITH YOU!!! thats all that matters.. we are so very lucky to have our boys alive and with us.. Their journey of healing may take a lifetime to get through.. but that's our lives.. And we will take them anyway we can have them.. I see the love for your son in your entry,, it shines through like a shining light of hope.. He is one amazing little guy! I pray for him , and for his continued healing in life.. I just always think about how did we get here? But there has been times  where when I am alone all by myself.. I look up at the sky at night and just pray... And I just know God sent Tyler to me for a reason,, just like he sent bobby to you.. Because you will fight for him every single day of you life until your last breathe..As I will for my son.. I sometimes see my son, when he is in pain, suffering and I can do nothing.. It is the worst thing for a mother to go through. But he knows in his heart how much we all love him.. and bobby knows how much you love him too! Your his angel, sent to care for him.. You are such an inspiration!!  GOD BLESS! 

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