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My Story

Bobbi was born with Bilatrial Mictoria with Atresia, in essence she was born without ears. God is taking Bobbi on an amazing journey to get ears! The community has embraced and supported Bobbi on this journey. We hope that through this website you will be encouraged through her story. Please join us as we watch miracles happen!

Bobbi was born with bilaterial microtia with atresia, in essence she ws born with out ears. Bobbi has had her BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) since she was three months old. She wears this hearing aid on a softband.
we would love to share connections with other parents regarding her coloring coordinating headbands, it has been amazing the difference these colored handbands has had on her willingness to wear the bands. She asks for it as soon as she wakes up and often tries to keep it on when she goes to bed.
We have worked closely with the Mass eye and ear infirmary. Her providers both in Maine and New England have been top notch. Bobbi recieved services as early as three months and continues to be in speech weekly. She also has quarterly audiological updates as well. We create God and her proactive providers for the success she has today.
Until recently we were waiting to have surgery for Bobbi when she was 10 or 12 years old. We were looking at skin grafts and skin harvesting to make her an ear. That was until we attended the Microtia/Atresia conference in Texas this year.
There we met the doctors from the California Ear Institute. Together Dr. Reinish and Dr. Roberson can make Bobbi an Ear! Not only the outer ear but it will connect to the inner ear she has and will be able to hear unaided.
This surgery has come with a price tag of almost $100,000. The community has embraced Bobbi and our family on this journey. Several stories have ran about Bobbi in the paper and on television, state wide! By sharing this information with others Bobbi has touched the hearts of many people.
Shortly before Christmas an anonymous donor contacted us and offered to pay for the surgeries for Bobbi. Bobbi will have ears!!
Thanks to the generosity of Bobbi's donor we are headed to California in April for her first surgery and again in September for the other ear.
We are hoping to use this website to keep others informed about our journey. We continue to be fund raising and accepting donations for travel and follow up care associated with this trip. Bobbi and our family will need to stay in California for three weeks for each surgery.
Please join us on this journey and stay tuned for updates as it is an ever changing story!!


Jamie Guerrette posted a new journal entry, "Trip #5".

Greetings from Beverly Hills.Bobbi has broken on of her ears, which they say doesn't happen :) it appears the ears couldn't handle the cold in northern Maine. They are new ... Read more

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Jamie Guerrette added a new photo.

Jamie Guerrette added a new photo.

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What a delightful surprise to come to the Caring Bridge website and see this Happy Birthday to Bobbi tribute.  Greetings to Jamie from your second grade teacher.  You ... Read more

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Happy Birthday Bobbi! As we celebrate Bobbi's 6th birthday we recall the information shared with us just 6 years ago. News that they had not seen a baby like Bobbi before ... Read more

Jamie Guerrette posted a new journal entry.

Good morning from the Bay area! Based on the weather reports it is warmer in Northern Maine then it is here. We are preparing to head down to LA today. Bobbi is scheduled ... Read more

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Bobbi's story in the local paper. http://www.jweekly.com/article/full/64880/family-jcc-open-arms-to-girl-with-rare-condition/ Well done! Read more

Jamie Guerrette posted a new journal entry.

Recovering well. She's a trooper. No pain, no complaints. All 3 surgeries complete, visited toys r us and papa has arrived. Two appointments today, next one Tuesday then ... Read more

Jamie Guerrette posted a new journal entry, "PRAISE THE LORD".

The plastic surgeon just came out!! I AM SO HAPPY!! Bobbi went into surgery- crying because she didn't want to wear that cup on her head. I was crying because I forgot a ... Read more

Jamie Guerrette posted a new journal entry, "Surgery #4 in process".

Greetings from the Waverly Surgery Center. Bobbi is in her 4th surgery- estimated to be about 5 hours. She is a trooper! Thank God for Versed, it knocked her right out. ... Read more

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