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Blake’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Much improved

I just happened to have a vacation this last week that was planned months ago. I of course know that God is in charge of my schedule book and therefore planned appropriately. Yesterday and today, I was back at it. Naturally it is very difficult to carry on at work knowing what awaits me at the hospital. Although Blake is so much more alert, I feel like his days and nights are backwards. He wants to watch TV, or have me read him a book, or play the ipad any time after midnight. Throw in the "I gotta go to the bathroom" every 30 minutes (thanks IV fluids) and it makes for a restless night. Then I get to "wake up" in order to go to work. My office has been so understanding and supportive of my family through this entire journey, and they are indeed part of my family.

Just as the neurologist are predicting, Blake is improving quite steadily. It is a little difficult for Connie and myself to judge how far he has come in 4-5 days since we tend to stare at him whenever we are awake. But as we look back, Blake was virtually comatose this time last week, and now he is walking around the unit and playing his ipad. He still speaks in extremely short sentences or just randomly says single words in a monotone voice, but he is getting there. Unfortunately he pulled out his NG (feeding) tube last night so we told him that since he did that he would have to start eating on his own. Otherwise the tube goes back in. He is eating milk shakes, some candy, pudding (which arguably is his normal diet anyway). He still has weakness in his left arm but that is improving also. 

Our hope is to leave the hospital early next week, which with the progress that he is making is very possible. As mentioned, we are saddened with the knowledge that the surgeons want to perform open brain surgery to remove the aneurysm. However Connie and I are finding our peace. We faithfully see the providence of God along this journey and we have to feel that this is a continued piece of the puzzle. The puzzle could end up being an awful picture in the end, but because of God's faithfulness, we can have peace with it. We of course opt to feel that this is for Blake's best and the outcome will be good. We dread the rehab, but the Raders are used to challenges. We survive. We have to. There is not a good alternative.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support through prayers, visits, cards, donations, grass mowing, etc. We are blessed because of you.
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Jo Ann Goodman
By Jo Ann Goodman
So happy to read your latest post! Will continue to pray for all of you and my church is praying as well.
Dwina Willis
By Dwina Willis
It's wonderful to hear some good news -- even though the surgery is in Blake's future. I was in Anna, IL yesterday at a Ladies' Day and a prayer was said for Blake there. Those women will have him on their prayer list now. Wish we were closer so we could do more, but know that prayers continue to be lifted for all of you. Love you all!
Mary Holloway
By Mary Alice Holloway
I continue to pray often each day. My love for a little boy I barely have gotten to know is so great I can't describe it. God be with all of your family.
Linda Owens
By Linda Owens
Michael, I have only recently started following your posts. Cathy Hargrove has kept us at Sandlin Road church posted on Blake's status. I am praying for you, Connie, and Blake to heal. Your faith is an encouragement to so many. Please know that many prayers are coming for the three of you and all those who are working to make Blake better. Linda Owens
Barbara Rader
By Barbara Rader
I am so terribly grateful for the progress my sweet Blake has made. It was so wonderful to face time him this afternoon and to see that little smirk when he said, ' Hi Gram Cracker". I agree with you that none of us knows what the outcome of all this will be, but I do know with certainty that God will do what is best for Blake and use it all for His glory. I sure do hate that he will have to undergo another major surgery after having gone through so much already. We will all continue to pray and ask that God be in every decision that the doctors make and that He will help Blake during his recovery. I continue to pray for strength for you and Connie too and also for Ron and Dodie as they provide loving care for sweet Juliet. I love you all very much and am heartbroken you have to go through more trials. You never cease to amaze me! Love to all from Grammie
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Michelle Pachciarz
By Michelle Pachciarz
We love you Blake! Katie can't wait for you to come over and help her build her new lego set! We will see you soon!
Mary Anne Ketcham
By Mary Anne Ketcham, North Brandon church of Christ
So thankful to God for Blake's continued progress. Also, the fact that He has continually guided the doctors and nurses, etc. in Blake's care. Yours and Connie's faith is so strong as inspiring.