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Cataract Surgery and Quarterly MRI

Greetings everyone!

Today Blake goes in for yet another surgery. This time he will have cataract surgery on his right eye performed. Previously the ophthalmologist said that his vision in that eye was around 20/400 meaning that he can only see things at 20 feet that most people should be able to see at 400 feet. It was pretty eye opening (no pun intended) to see him take the vision test at Vanderbilt. The "big E" that they projected on the wall had to be nearly a foot tall in order for Blake to see it--even then it was blurry. 

Today they will completely remove the lens and replace it with an intraocular prosthetic lens. Hopefully this will last forever, but who knows. Most people get these lens later in life and only need them for 30 years or so. We hope Blake has another 80 years in him at least! Blake is excited to get to wear a patch.

His quarterly MRI will also take place today. We are very fortunate that Vanderbilt anesthesia authorized both procedures back to back instead of doing one and then scheduling another. This is supposed to be an outpatient procedure so hopefully the next update will be made from the same place as this one--my couch. So we humbly ask for your prayers--for safety in anesthesia, for good MRI results, for a surgeon's steady hand, for a complicated-free and pain-free recovery, and for a strong young man. Thanks guys!
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Patricia Hurst
By Pat Hurst
Michael. We are still praying for your little fellow. Love to you all. The Hurst Family
Teresa Pirtle
By Teresa and Maddie Pirtle
Praying for all your requests. For sweet Blake and you all.
Barbara Rader
By Barbara Rader
Praying as always ! Love to you all.
Michelle Lasley
By Michelle Lasley
Prayers going up for this amazing young man!
gina campbell
prayers are certainly being lifted!!! eager to hear good results!!
Katherine Danley
By Katherine
Praying for no complications and a good MRI report. He deserves one surgery to be smooth!
Dwina Willis
By Dwina
We'll be praying. Hope this one is easy.
Alison Witt
By Alison Witt
Praying for good results, love y'all.
Janet Draiss
By Janet Draiss
You are all in my prayers.