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Blake’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

January 2016 update

I know you all will understand when I say that I am grateful that I do not have to write on this site very much. We are so blessed that Blake has done so well these last 3 years. As of September 2015, Blake has been 3 years cancer free! 

Over the last year, Blake underwent an open brain aneurysm surgery and two cataract procedures. All of which he has done wonderfully. As expected, Blake has some hormonal imbalances as a direct result of radiation therapy. He started growth hormone injections a few months ago, and he takes them as a true champ! When we found out that they could only administer them as shots, we were quite worried. It should be no surprise that a child would be terrified of needles, especially those like Blake who had more needle pokes in one year than most of us will have in our lifetime. Even though the needle is less than a 1/4 inch long and the diameter of a human hair, the mere thought of a shot would send him into a panic. However he "manned up" and hasn't cried once. In fact he has reminded us when we were distracted and failed to give it to him. From the first time he took radiation, Blake stopped growing and remained at 47 inches for the last 3 (almost 4) years. We are proud to announce that after 3 short months, Blake grew one inch! 

He will also start thyroid supplementation. Again, this was expected as well. Blake will have another scan in 6 months. After the next scan, they may scale it back to yearly scans. 

We have also started "brain training" at LearningRx in Brentwood. It is a great program in which people, of all ages, in essence play brain games that help improve visual, auditory, and processing speeds. 

One of the biggest changes is that we felt that it was in Blake's best interest to home school him. We realized that he needs a more one on one attention that schools are not designed to do. We also love the fact that we start each school day with a Bible class. Now we do that as a family at night anyway, but I am glad to have a Bible course incorporated with school. Connie is doing a great job.

The biggest thing is that we want to thank everyone for their constant prayers. Blake is alive and well as a direct result of many things, not the least of which is your devotion to taking Blake with you as you kneel before God. For that we are forever grateful. Thank you thank you thank you.
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Jennifer Wright
By Jennifer Wright
This is a most beautiful letter. It shows so much love and optimism that it fills my heart with joy that I cannot even express. The love of God radiates in and between every line and word.

As a mother, I lament your pain that you have gone through. As a grandmother of small children, I see that nothing is important but the love that the child feels through his lifetime. As a teacher, I am encouraged to see the patience that you have with your child's physical and mental growth.

I send you my love. I send God my prayers for you today and for the future.

With tender thoughts,
Helen Hager
This is wonderful news. God is good.
Barbara Rader
This is all such wonderful, encouraging news. The Lord has certainly answered our prayers on behalf of our precious Blake. I know that through all this, God will someday use Blake for great things. He already has. Praise God !
Martha Porter
Thanks for sharing the good news which is so encouraging to all the prayer warriors on Blake's behalf. May God continue to bless Blake and the whole family.
Kaitiy Collins
What wonderful, blessed news!! Isaiah still talks about his "fwiend Bwake fwom Camp Invention" and how Blake is a warrior just like Cici. <3 It makes me so happy to see Blake doing so well. Brain training sounds like a wonderful idea, and one that I will be looking into for Cici as well. Keeping your sweet family in our prayers always, and hope to see you guys again at Chili's St. Jude night.
mark moore
Praise the Lord for his wonderful grace and mercy. Katrena is smiling down on all of us from Heaven. She loved Blake so much and I know she is always interceding on his behalf! Miss seeing you guys. Will continue to pray for Blake and family. God Bless.
Nicole Mecord Breeding
By Nicole Mecord Breeding
We are so happy for Blake and you all! Juliet is a wonderful little sister to a great big brother. Thank you for letting us love him!
Ruth Scott
By Ruth Ann Scott.
So proud for you all . And believe with you all for the continued growth in every way. This young man could one day be president. So glad Blake has a great heritage of faith in God.