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Blake’s Story

May God bless you; TEAM BLAKE.

"Because of BLAKE" the book:

Blake LaForce #41 Memorial Fund:  PNC Bank, 706 W. National Road, Vandalia, Ohio 45377, Emilee Westendorf, AVP/Branch Manager, 937-890-1804, or 

VISIONS Endowment Fund:

Blake LaForce #41 Memorial Scramble & Auction 2013 Fourth Annual:

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2/6/08 Stem Cell Transplant (Bone Marrow) has been recommended and we do not have a sibling match. We are asking everyone to consider becoming a volunteer donor on the world registry. Go to and see how simple of a process it is to save a life. Start a donor drive. It is very much needed, especially needed are donors of varius ethnic heritages. Blake is (Dutch Indonesian & European descent). Thanks so much. -LIVESTRONG- 11/6, Our son Blake was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia (ALL). High risk because Blake is over 10 years of age (almost 17) and his white blood cell count was over 50k (260k initially). Acute, because it just showed up out of no where. Luckily we found these shocking blood count results trying to treat a hemotoma (bruise & fluid) he has had on his right shin, reinjuring it repeatedly in football practice and the last game. It looked different even after a round of antibiotics and icing. Blake probably has had this disease only a few weeks (Oct), so it was Acute, the doctor said. No one knows why people get Leukemia. Leukemia (ALL) is CURABLE, which we will always elude to. This first stage is to eradicate as many of the bad white blood cells (Blasts), his bone marrow has been producing ASAP. The goal is to get the bone marrow in remission. Blake is commited and will reach this goal, because of the multiple strengths he possesses, who he is and a support TEAM that cares, fights and wins. 11/11, Blake is doing fine as he responds well to treatment. His blood counts continue to be very encouraging with treatment. He will have another bone marrow and spinal tap this Friday to confirm. We are waiting for the genetic make up of these premature white blood cells chromosomes. Family and friends are keeping his spirits up. Staying busy and active is a good thing during this first month of intense treatment. Our whole church family touched us today in the service. Coincidently, the sermon message was Never ask Why, when there is a bump in the road of life, but ask What Next God? God has a special plan for Blake. Blake's journey will benefit all of us, if you believe and trust. Your prayers are making a difference every day. 11/12, Prayers work! 11/13, Blake was discharged from Childrens Dayton yesterday @ 4:30 PM just in time to take that long awaited shower @ home and go to his football banquet, which was great theraphy. They did a tribute to Blake at the banquet, with a special poster professionally done of his action shots running the football, which was awesome. 11/14, He is off to school this morning after a big breakfast cooked by mom. My God bless you and our Blake aka 'HEART' 11/15, Blake had a good evening and went to school again this morning. His uncle Tom LaForce drove in from Chicago to spend the week and weekend. 11/18, Blake's dog (Gunner), he resently rescued from the animal shelter, was hit by a car by a hit and run driver. God is testing Blake and our family. Blake and we are ok, again not asking why, but what next God, because we have faith. 11/20, BHS was very receptive to the presentation Childrens Medical Center did this morning. We believe this will help Blake cope better, as well BHS, not to mention strengthen Blake's TEAM, which BHS is part of. Many thanks to Chad Hill and BHS faculty, students & Childrens. We have much to thankful for. HEART & FAMILY. 12/7, Blake just had his one month bone marrow & spinal tap procedure today. Doctors say he is doing very well. 12/9, Blake's nephew, Brayden, gave him a 3 mo. old white pure bred English Bulldog and wanted him named "YODA" Brayden is 5 years old and loves his uncles Blake & John SO much. Britt, Lauren, Brayden & Madelyn have "Totsie" their girl English Bulldog who immediately started acting like a mother with Yoda. Yoda sleeps on top of Blake comforting him. 12/13, Blake will be on a different chemo protocol next week based on the test results. Blake has a tough 3 year journey and is in the fight spiritually, mentally, physically and is SO very courageous. 12/15, Blake was at OHIO State's indoor practice, as they practice to play in the national championship game. Coach Jim Tressel spent up to 10 minutes of quality time with Blake and me. This was an inspiration. He gave Blake an open invitation to visit any time. We are SO proud of Blake God Bless him and you. Thank you for all you do. Happy Holidays! 12/29, Blake had a great Christmas and is enjoying his new laptop computer. He is on the last of five days of phase one of the consolidation stage of chemo treatment @ CMCD and will be home on Sun and off chemo for two/three weeks. Then get another round & etc. This stage is a six to eight week process.

Latest Journal Update

BEAT Blood Cancers!

TEAM BLAKE, friends,

Please help (see below email from Dr. Jim Klosterman and his sister; Ann's Team In Training website) for a great cause; BEAT all blood cancers. Please pass this on to your circle of influence. Thanks much as always f
or your support. 


"Ann, This is great to see and grow every year in memory of our son, Blake LaForce #41, and to beat these cancers. I will pass your efforts/TNT to TEAM BLAKE for support. 
Thank you from our hearts." 

Mark & Linda LaForce

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Jim Klosterman
To:; Ann 
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 10:56 PM
Subject: Team In Training (TNT) time again (still)


Team In Training (TNT) time still ongoing.

My sister has joined me this year. I am trying to assist her with her fundraising (tougher than she thought).
I am going on my own this year and donated the TNT contributions from Blake LaForce #41 Memorial golf outing ($600) to her site to get her kick started.

In the past, you have helped me by sending out a message to TEAM BLAKE on my behalf.

This year, I want to try to get her to her goal by asking that TEAM BLAKE assist her.

Here is ANN's TNT webpage:

There are three of us going to Tucson this year (111 miles this time).
Not sure why they added the 11 miles but what the heck.