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  • Where is the video? The party and a clinical update

    Written May 21, 2012 6:40pm


    The video of the talk is still being reviewed and will probably be posted by Tuesday or Wednesday.of this week.

    1)  I will shortly post the PowerPoint slide show Intended to set the stage for my talk. The slide show played silently without any narration about  20 minutes before I started my talk which has other, and mostly very different,slides.   The  delay is due to the file size being huge and everything I do to shrink results in a larger file size, If I  don’t fix this by Thursday, Taryn will help me do it.

    When the slide show is viewable: 1st) Open the attached file in PowerPoint. 2nd) Go to the PowerPoint menu at the very top of the screen. 4th) Click and hold on Slide Show, 5th) Select  Play from Start. 5th)  Watch. The slides are in.ppt, timed and should change on their own.

    2)  The party on Saturday was a total blast  Special thanks to Joe Anzalone and Betty Ollen for the detailed and superb planning and preparation and to Taryn and Wolffy for doing so much of the cooking.  As people came and went and the guest book often did not include the other 3 or 4 people who came in the same car,  our best guess as to total attendees is around 125.

    My thanks to everyone. It meant and will continue to mean a great deal to me and to Jane.

    3)  Clinical update - A tipping point: Last week I had a CT Scan  of the chest, abdomen and pelvis,  This showed substantial disease progression.  I’m looking at whether or not radiation, particularly to a growing  liver lesion, makes sense. More on this in a few days.  Genetic testing of the primary tumor and one of the metastatic lesions is often different and may provide information that can guide the selection of possible new drugs, if any, that are in very early trials This will be done at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and I have an appointment there on June 4. MD Anderson has nothing relevant nor does the national  clinical trials data base suggest anything of use,  I also started acupuncture for pain control and will try for 6 to 8 weeks and will continue if I notice a benefit.

    That’s it for now.


  • May 12 Picnic Update

    Written May 10, 2012 3:02pm


    The weather prediction is for excellent weather, lots of sun, 70 degrees and no rain. 

    The picnic info below can also be accessed at:



    Here is some info from the School:

    Marshfield Picnic

    We are very much looking forward to the upcoming picnic on Saturday at the home of Bill Bicknell & Jane Hale. Their log cabin home sits on a lovely property abutting the marsh lands of Marshfield. Weather looks like it will be great.

    Some General info @ http://event.pingg.com/MarshfieldPicnic

    A couple of announcements:

    1) TIME CHANGE: The event starts @ 1pm as for the ending time, you can stay as long as you like!

    2) TRANSPORTATION: Car Pool with colleagues if you can. The event site shows who plans to come, but doesn’t include all so ask your colleagues.
    BUS SERVICE: We have arranged bus service to Marshfield, departing from 710 Albany Street @ 11:45am, please be there by 11:30am. Please RSVP, ASAP for this via:https://www.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=1d480fe92a6146189af9630b40a71a04 (For those taking the bus, parking is available at the 710 Albany Street garage for a flat rate of $7/day on weekends.

    3) DIRECTIONS – Hale Bicknell Directions
    NOTE: Once you are on Rt 3 South, you can take either Exit 13 or Exit 12. WARNING! IF YOU TAKE Exit 13, there is some brief construction as soon as you turn left onto Rt 53 North. STAY TO THE LEFT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TURN, FOLLOW SIGNS FOR 53 N! Otherwise you’ll end up on Rt 3 North and be directed back to Boston!

    4) PARKING: There will be a POLICE OFFICER on parking detail. Plan to park at the bottom of Cornwell Hill or Summer Street, and walk up Cornwell Hill – go left at the fork, and it’s the 2nd driveway to the right – you’ll see the Bicknell/Hale sign.

    5) Dogs, Children (all ages) and bathing suits (for the spa) all welcome. Dress is fun summer casual! Some volleyball, Croquet and other yard games probable. Lots of BBQ fare & refreshments will be available.

  • NO SCHEDULED END to Saturday party

    Written May 7, 2012 1:24pm


    On Saturday May 12 the party begins at 1pm. There is NO SCHEDULED END.  An earlier notice suggested 3pm as an end. This is NOT CORRECT. Everyone is inived to stay as long as they like.

    Bill & Jane  

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