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  • Aug 13, 2012 10:43am

    Dear Jane,

    we have communicated a few weeks ago, then I discovered this guest book. Here I want to send also my (belated) condolences expressing my deep sympathies and feeling sad that I did not manage to see Bill once more.

    Stefan Mueller

  • Jul 2, 2012 10:36pm

    the Memorial was a beautiful tribute to Bill. We celebrated his life just as I must do now because my mother passed away today. Like Bill, she died peacefully, comfortably, and with family.

    Jim McGrath

  • Jul 1, 2012 10:43pm

    Just learned of Bill's passing today via Freya and that was delayed because of her being out of town.  Sensed Bill's journey and went to CaringBridge but didn't see anything for several days, so gave up.  Didn't have your email.  Could you please send along as I would like to communicate directly to you.  
    I am glad to know that the process was not drawn out and that Bill was showered with much deserved love in his final days.  
    Wishing you strength as you find your way forward.
    Bill Dann

    William Dann

  • Jul 1, 2012 9:58pm

    Dear Jane,You have been on our hearts and minds after learning of Bill's death from this site.  As I went back to it this evening I was pleased to see your recent message and have just listened to Bill's service.  What a privilege to have gotten to meet him and you. We attended his farewell lecture and I have revisited it as well.  He indeed lived large and is greatly missed but he lived so generously that there is much to hold onto, even for those of us who got to know him late and simply by chance.What a wonderful partner he had in you.  Judy

    Bill and Judy Larson

  • Jun 24, 2012 5:47pm

    I am honored to add my belated condolences t the passing of my long time colleague and friend.  Bill and I shared a journey as OEO Health Affairs staff colleagues and he took a chance of me when I led a delegation of health professionals to China back in 1979.  He help make the trip successful as we worked through several cross cultural dilemmas.  I will cherish his spirit and remember his professional advice, council and good humor 

    Dorothy Holland Mann
    Seattle, Wa

    Dorothy Mann

  • Jun 21, 2012 12:00am

    In memory of Bill, my colleague, mentor, and friend.

    Taryn Vian

  • Jun 21, 2012 12:00am

    In honor of Bill Bicknell

    Eileen & Walt Connor

  • Jun 14, 2012 9:00pm

    To Dr. Bicknell's family,
    It was with deepest sorrow that I learned yesterday of Bill's illness and passing.  It is no surprise that he lived his final days with the wisdom, spirit, passion, generosity, humor and elegance that characterized his life, and his teaching.  I was privileged, indeed blessed to have been Bill's student in the 1991 summer certificate program, and throughout my subsequent MPH training.   His lectures inspired me, and continue to shape my career.  Who knew that cleaning and coding 500+ survey of his survey questionaires from Indonesia would be the one of the most valuable elements of my education!   
    A true hero, and inspiring light is gone from this world and I will truly miss him.
    Ellen A. Coates, MPH

    Ellen Coates

  • Jun 14, 2012 12:00am

    In honor of Bill Bicknell

    Marc and Dora Older

  • Jun 13, 2012 8:56pm

    reprinted here with Barry Smith's permission:
    Dear Jane,
    Thanks so much for your message.  I am sorry to hear the news, but glad that Bill passed on as he lived -- with style and magnificence!  I am privileged to have been able to help at least a bit during this difficult period. 
    Bill was unique.  Knowing and working with him was one of the very great privileges of my life.  He was a colleague, great friend, and mentor.  I will miss him greatly, as I know countless others here and around the world will. I wish I had better words to convey to you how I feel about Bill, but words fail.  He was loved by many, many people. His legacy is enormous.  Those of us still here will work to carry it on.  That, too, is the greatest of privileges.  There is nothing better to say about anyone than that!
    Carley and I send our very best to you and the rest of the family.
    With sympathy and great sadness,
    Barry H. Smith MD, PhDPresident/CEOThe Rogosin InstituteProfessor of Clinical SurgeryWeill Cornell Medical CollegeAttending PhysicianNew York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center

    Jane Hale

  • Jun 13, 2012 6:56am

    Dear Jane
    I will regretfully not be able to attend the memorial service as I will be in Chicago. I would like to express to you and all of your family how much I will miss Bill, cherish his spirit, humor, courage and always will remember the life lessons I was privileged to learn from him both in person and at his final lecture.

    James Feldman

  • Jun 10, 2012 3:40pm

    Dearest Dr. Bicknell,
    While I only knew you for a short amount of time, you were able to inspire me beyond words can describe. I enjoyed our chats and though you will surely be missed, you will always be remembered in our hearts. Mrs. Bicknell, my deepest condolences to you and your family. 
    Marym Mohammady

    Marym Mohammady

  • Jun 10, 2012 12:54pm

    Good bye Dr Bicknell. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through this
    heartbreaking time. There's nothing I can say that will ease your pain
    but I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. My deepest
    condolences.God bless you

    Thang Nguyen

  • Jun 8, 2012 4:53am

    To Bill's family. 

    As an old friend and colleague of Rex Fendall I know how much Bill's friendship meant to him and to Doreen his wife.He cherished the visits Bill made to Ludlow even last year. We are all thinking of you.



    Julie Lipscomb

  • Jun 7, 2012 4:52pm

    Dear Jane,
    Know that you are loved and in my thoughts often. Bill was a bigger than life presence and your Marshfield home will reflect this.
    So many have been helped through your programs in Lesotho. The house at the hospital there in Bill's name is so fitting and continues his and your mission.
    Stay courageous.

    Gerry Campbell

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