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OUR STORY CONTINUING  (Milton - April 4, 2014)

Several of you have requested that we continue with this story.  OK, I agree with one proviso:  It will be OUR STORY....Jane's, Julia's, and Mine.... with BETTIE as the LEADING LADY!  But, there is more!  If it is to be "OUR STORY", YOU also MUST BE INVOLVED.  So, let's make it a "together thing", a group effort. Walking together, sharing as we go; gaining insight and confidence along the way.


MY STORY CONTINUED  (Milton - March 28, 2014)

Jane, Julia, and I promised to continue this Caring Bridge site.  We talked about additional material, specifically some of the Memorial Service comments in "Remembering Bettie" that were withheld because of time constraints. Also, I had some things in "A Word from Bettie" that I skipped to save time (Can you believe that?).

Of course, I could go on and on about my love for her and my gratitude for the gift of many years together. That might be therapeutic for me; however, it probably would be "a bit much" for you.  So, I'll continue to be brief (relatively so) and selective in my comments.

There is one other thing I have considered.  So many of you have been helpful as you shared your own experiences of "walking through the valley" with your loved ones.  Perhaps I can talk a bit about my journey, especially as the days lengthen into weeks...and beyond.

I am not a professionally trained grief counselor; nevertheless, Bettie, Jane, Julia and I did walk that road together in a very personal way.  In addition, on a number of occasions we shared that journey with some of you.  Perhaps we can encourage and strengthen each other as we embrace each new day and the adventures it brings.  Who knows?  It may be that we also will be "surprised by joy" along the way.



The life and faith of Bettie Fae Wiles Ferguson will be celebrated in a Memorial Service at 2:00 p.m
 on Friday, March 14, 2014.  The service will be in the Sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Independence, Missouri.  The church is located at 500 West Truman Road, Independence, Mo. 64050.    After the service there will be a reception in the church Fellowship Hall.  You will be welcome to visit with family and friends.   < >  

Bettie died peacefully on Thursday evening, March 6th, with her husband, Milton, present at her side. They were both surrounded by the wonderful care of the staff at St. Luke's Hospice House. Along with Milton, she leaves two of her three daughters, Jane Anne and Julia and their husbands Hal and Jerome. Jo Catherine,her youngest daughter, preceded her in death in 1980. She is survived as well by her sister Mary Ida Needham of Oklahoma City, OK.  Bettie dearly loved her four grandchildren, Dylan, Colin, Laura, and Sarah Jo; her two new step grandsons,Cameron and Chris; as well as her large extended family of nieces, nephews, and very dear life-long friends. 
Gifts in Bettie's honor may be directed to the benevolent fund of the Baptist Homes of MIssouri  < or to the "Operation School Bell" program of The Assistance League of Kansas City of which she was a founding member <>.

Throughout her recent illness and her end of life journey, Bettie's family has been blessed by the connections made possible on this Caring Bridge site. 


Milton Ferguson posted a new journal entry, "TIME TO WRITE AGAIN!".

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Thanks, Judy Frame, for your 4/7/14 comment.  I needed that.  I'm taking your advice....and you are right! Read more

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Keep writing, Milton.  It is good for the soul.  You will daily have reason to be reminded of things to share.  Do so...... Read more

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Milton Ferguson posted a new journal entry, "YOUR STORY IS IMPORTANT!".'s time to let "OUR STORY" become "YOUR STORY" also.  As it does, to some degree, in surprising ways, it may even become "MY STORY' or "OUR ... Read more

Milton Ferguson signed Bettie's Guestbook.'s time to let "OUR STORY" become "YOUR STORY" also.  As it does, to some degree, in surprising ways, it may even become "MY STORY' or "OUR STORY" for you ... Read more

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Wondering if there is still interest in Bettie's Site, I visited the "Community" section of her Guestbook.  Here is a copy of the entry I posted there:   "Wow!  I just ... Read more

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Wow!  I just checked the "Community" visits.  There were three of you this morning and eight more yesterday (actually last evening - 13-18 hours ago).  All dear ... Read more

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Yes, Here I am again (last post on 3-28-14).  Just checking postings as I consider whether or not to continue my journal entries.  We continue to be grateful for Caring ... Read more

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