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February 14 - Homecoming Opener Night 2

I'm trying to find the right words to describe what this past weekend meant...

I have to admit that when Ben first started listening to DBT I wasn't a fan.  My brother and him keep trying to convert me but it took some time.  They took me to my first show at the Metro in Chicago and I was more memorized by the person that Ben became Iistening to the band than to the music.  Oh, that didn't stop them from trying.  Ben would continue to play their music and I would always ask him to turn it off.  And let me tell you, he played it all the time.  Then, I went to another show with him and slowly started asking him to play certain songs more often.  Now after my third trip to Athens, GA to see them I am a true DBT fan and convert.  There is something truly special about this band, their music and most importantly their fans.   

This weekend wouldn't have happened without some very amazing people:
1.  Stan, Chris and Chris Hood - I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's day than to be surround by Ben and the three of you.  You are awesome just for who you are, but I couldn't have done this trip with out you (even if you wouldn't let me drive).    Thank you for letting me rock out and have some fun!

2.  Matt Patton - your generosity will never be forgotten! 

3.  3DD - thank you!  Your hugs, kind words and positive vibes keep us Truckin'.  Please keep those posts to Ben comin'.  He may not respond to them, but I promise you he reads all of them.  Music is what brings him comfort and y'all understand that.

4.  Bill Kingery- meeting you was a true pleasure.  It's no wonder Megan is so kind.  I hope that we get to see you in St. Louis. 

The music was fantastic but it's all the memories that will stick with us.  So thanks for helping us make those.  Until our next adventure...


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Kathy VanSandt
By Kathy VanSandt
Glad you had such a great weekend! It's been a long winter so something to look forward to... St. Louis next?
David Gaier
By David GAier
Wasn't easy getting there but what a great weekend. It was great to see you.