Pizza Deliverance

Yes, that is in fact an album by DBT and oh does it fit this post.  First, a huge shout out to Brian Mueller for coming up with and organizing The Pizza Hut fundraiser.  He worked all day yesterday and just called us with a total.  There was close to $5000.00 in sales so $1000.00 will be donated to the Truckin' with Ben account.  WOW!  That is a lot of pizza!  Thank you to all of you that helped make this be such a successful fundraiser.   We continue to be overwhelmed by the love and support!   

Hug you kids-


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4 Replies

Rita Schultz
By Rita Schultz
Forgot to mention, I had Pizza Hut for lunch and again for dinner with Kevin. That's fantastic how well it turned out! Great idea Brian!
Rita Schultz
By Rita Schultz
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God's blessings to all of you!
Kathy Munson
By Aunty Kathy:)
That was go GREAT!! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
char goyke
By Char