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Baby is Finally Here!

For all of you who keep up with CaringBridge, but are not on Facebook, you may have missed the news that baby Allenby finally decided to arrive on Tuesday night, April 2nd at 7:11 p.m. Her name is Sadie Grace and she was 9 lbs, 1oz! Lindsey did such fantastic job through the labor and delivery, and Scott's mom, Nancy, and I were both honored to be invited to participate and witness Sadie's entrance into this world! They are home now and doing very well. She is sleeping and nursing well and seems very content. So amazing! Her due date was March 25th, Benny's birthday, so we were thinking it would have been cool if she was born on his day, but she preferred her own day and month I guess! She is the reminder that God's grace is with us and that the circle of life continues.