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A Few Thoughts...

Today I attended our community's annual ecumenical Good Friday service. There were so many things shared that caused me to think more deeply about the meaning of Christ's death. And the hymns are all so hauntingly beautiful in their minor keys. I especially love "O Sacred Head Now Wounded". We came to the last verse though and I couldn't get through it:

My days are few, O fail not,
with thine immortal power,
to hold me that I quail not
in death’s most fearful hour;
that I may fight befriended,
and see in my last strife
to me thine arms extended
upon the cross of life.

As hard as they were to sing today, I know that these words came true for Benny in his final days. He was "held" so that he would "fear not" and I believe he fought knowing he was "befriended" and that Christ was with him all the way. Jesus was described as a "man of sorrows, acquainted with grief." As difficult as it is to live in a world full of suffering and to try to understand why, one thing we know is that we have a God who loved us enough to become fully human so he could experience everything we experience and suffer everything we suffer and more. Hebrews says that he became a human being so he could die, and in dying break the power of death that kept the human race in such fear. We have a God who understands our experience and is acquainted with our grief. And we celebrate the resurrection this Sunday, which gives us hope for life eternal beyond this world. Benny had that hope, tasted that eternity during his lifetime, and is now experiencing that reality.

Wishing all who celebrate this Christian holiday a wonderful Easter weekend! For my friends who are not Christian, I wish for you the blessings of hope and new life that come with this season of spring. I believe there are seasons of the soul, and I am reminded that my winter season will not last forever.