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My daughter, Lindsey just wrote a beautiful piece on waiting, reflecting on the two periods of waiting she has experienced back to back - waiting for her dad to take his final breath and waiting for the first breath of her new baby, due to be born on Benny's birthday, this coming Monday, March 25th! Here's the link:

I have been reluctant to end this blog and say good-bye to this amazing community of support that literally helped carry us through this past year. I have been doing some private journaling of my own, which has helped me to process all that's gone on and reflect on my own feelings, but I am open to continuing to write some thoughts on this site every now and then as well. Some have asked if I would be willing to share what it's been like to suffer the loss of a spouse and perhaps it might be of help to others. So... I will not say good-bye yet, but do know how thankful I am for this "invisible cloud of witnesses" that stood by us and made us feel less alone as we were catapulted into illness and injury and the care giving that requires. Life is quieter now and much simpler. The sense of rest and relief is palpable, but so is the surreal nature of losing a husband and best friend. There is a hole and a constant wondering just where he is and how life can go on? Lots of ups and downs, good days and then tears when I least expect them. All in all, I'm doing well thanks to God's grace and many loving friends and family. I am blessed to have two daughters and extended family who make my life rich. Enjoy Lindsey's piece and we'll let you know when baby Allenby arrives!