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Recap of Colby-Sawyer Meeting

This is my second entry for tonight, so make sure you don't miss the info in the post before this about the service. But I wanted to share this recap of the Monday student tribute to Benny at CSC. This email went out to the members of the student fellowship as "minutes" by the student secretary. Love that group! I was so blessed to be there to hear their reflections!

Hi Everyone
I'm sure most of you know by now, our beloved Benny Benson has passed
away. For those of you who never met Benny, he was the husband of our
academic adviser Cindy Benson, and served us as a mentor, leader,
educator, friend, father-figure, and support system
to not only Christian Colby-Sawyer college students, but to Dartmouth
students as well. He fought long and hard against cancer for ten arduous
months, the whole while keeping his faith in tact and love radiating.
On Monday night, we all gathered around in a
giant circle to give our testimonies about how Benny affected our lives
and the journeys we took with him as we explored faith & the love of
Christ. It was a glorious moment, one that I personally will remember
forever. Everyone had beautiful things to say
about Benny, most notably however is how Benny's service to the Lord is a
source of never ending inspiration. We saw Jesus through Benny, and
seeing someone love Jesus and serve Him even while sick was such an
inspiration. We will all miss him so much! Thank
you to everyone who was able to come. A special thanks to the CSC Gospel
Choir for their lovely tribute, and a shout out to Bernard for his
technical services.

Benny's service is at 3:00pm on Tuesday, February 12th at the First Baptist Church, you're all welcome to come.

Have a blessed week everyone. Don't take a single day that you are here
for granted. If Benny has taught me anything, it is that we are all
meant for better things.