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Ben’s Story

BEN, his two Labradors and his Mom were diagnosed with Cancer. Tap water sample was Negligible for Arsenic, 10-21-09. Water Heater Water had TOXIC levels of ARSENIC, MANGANESE & IRON on 2-3-10. FINALLY, on April 6, 2011, an article was placed in the OCILLA STAR, Ocilla, GA telling that over 27% of GA's drinking water tested had some Arsenic, 7% of GA's drinking water tested for Arsenic had TOXIC LEVELS. Over 16% of GA's drinking water tested for Uranium had TOXIC LEVELS of URANIUM (over 30ppb). 1/2 price water testing until 8-1-11 for Arsenic & Uranium, GA Ext Agency. Woooo Hooooo!!! FINALLY!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!     TEST YOUR WATER HEATER WATER NOW at County Extension Agency. Make sure Agent prints "Water Heater Water" on form so the tech will leave Nitric Acid in the sample for 4 to 5 days. It takes that long for the Arsenic to release from sides of the container so it can be measured. If Agent says "Tap Water" the tech will leave Nitric Acid in the sample for only 12 hours before testing... not nearly enough time to release the Arsenic from sides of the container. Thank You For Alarming Your Neighbors, Family & Friends that they need to test water & get water filter. 

Latest Journal Update

Ben's Story is helping others...

     I am sorry that I have not posted recently for those who only have this journal as a way of "keeping up" with Ben & Family... Ben became our Angel on April 8, 2014, but is still very much a part of our life.. He makes his presence known daily to one or some of his family & friends. Usually with a Dragonfly, a Coin and even helping his brother Hank & brother-in-law Wes win the Irwin County Baseball Fishing Tournament (see picture). Hank said they caught the biggest fish using Ben's poles & tackle.. They even caught 19 pounds total.. 19 was Ben's Baseball Number. Second picture was taken in June 2011, when Hank & Ben won the Fish Tournament... Ben was always Hank's fishing partner in tournaments.. We continue to tell others about Arsenic & Lead being in our deep well water, causing Cancer in  Ben, our 2 Labradors & myself... Hank installs State-recommended Water Filters in this area... Please test your Water Heater Water for Heavy Metals, if you have not already done so.  Tap water sample testing may give you a "False Negligible" result. Be sure to ask for Arsenic Down to Zero & Lead. If you have a little extra money, also ask for W-1 & W-3.. Cadmium, Barium, Nitrates, Phosphates. Thank You for all of your prayers and for lifting us up during this sad time... May God Continue to Bless You & All That You Love... Janet

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Dana Stout
By Dana Stout
Hugs to the whole family! Our prayers continue for you all.
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