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We've been thinking about Ben’s birthday tomorrow, and wanted to share a few photos of Ben and his friends from the “Cherub” summer journalism program at Northwestern.  They encapsulate much of what made Ben who he was – his competitiveness, his spontaneity, his great goofy sense of humor, and his love of games of all sorts.  The photos are now posted here.  If you view the slideshow, the first ten or so pictures are from the Cherub program.

The first few are from the “Jews vs. Gentiles” basketball game, apparently an annual Cherub tradition.   Several of you who played sports with Ben over the years have mentioned his calves.  Note the calf to calf match-up on Ben and the guy guarding him (second photo in slideshow).  Is it any wonder the Gentiles won that year? 

The next few are from a trip some of the Cherubs took to the Art Institute of Chicago.  They require no explanation.

Love to all during this holiday season, and thank you for all your continued kindnesses.