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Ben’s Story

Ben is an OsteoSarcoma Survivor! Clear Scans 6 May 2013!
DX 5 Mar 08 at age 6, MAP complete 5 Oct 08.  Currently Ben is 12 years old link to Today Show from Oct 2012

Ben was diagnosed on 5 March 08 with Osteo Sarcoma in his upper right Tibia, his amputation was on 16 May 08. Chemo continues thru early OCT. 08

Many ask how we found this problem with Ben. He started complaining his leg hurt somewhere around the first of Feburary. We had just finished a snow ski trip in January over MLK week. I put off his pain as an injury to sking....he took some crazy falls, I taught him how to ski and he was quite the trooper. I figured he had pull something or twisted his knee.

I was very busy at work in Feb and after returning home after my 3d time away and he was still limping I decided it was time to ask our local doc. They did some blood work and shot a few xrays. Nothing conclusive, so they sent us to P'cola the next week. ODD, they sent us to an Onocologist, Kim is a nurse so that didn't sit well.

Well from P'cola they sent us to Shands @ the Univ. of Florida, the next week, we still didn't know nor were we expecting what hit us the first week of March.

We are very grateful for how early it seems we have caught the cancer. But, it did go down his tibia about 10cm which is a long way on a 6 year old. They have to take out all the bone that has cancer and this would not leave enough to work with for limb salvage. His age and this cancer is unusual. Ben has many years of growth ahead and his Doctor and many other doctors all felt limb amputation was Ben's best option.  Hind sight is 20/20, limb salvage would not allowed Ben to be an active fun loving child.  Amputation was a God Send, many Thanks to Dr. Mark Scarborough for taking my son's right leg off at the knee perfectly!

The more I read about Osteosarcoma, the more I know we are doing what is best for Ben. Surgery and rehab and relearning to walk will not be easy for Ben nor our family. But with God's help and some wonderful Doctors all will go well.

5 Oct 2008...Ben finished Chemo. Port removal was on 20 Nov with clean scans same day.. He will do antibiotics every Sat and Sun for 6 months and have scans done every 3 months for a couple of years.

Clean scans 16 Feb 2009.

Clean Scans 5 May 2009

Clear Scans 11 Aug 2009

Clear Scans 23 Nov 2009

Clear Scans 15 Feb 2010

2d leg delivery came on 15 May 2009, one day prior to his one year anniversary of amputation.

He is well on his way to recovery. If he is running around a soccer field next year we would be extactic, only time will tell.

Ben scored a goal in outdoor soccer on November 12, 2009, unbelievable.

Improved his time in the 1 mile run to 9:50 on 27 Jan 2010.

Jan 2010 starting the process of getting a new socket made, insurance is the first call.

Ran the YMCA Country Music Kids Marathon, he ran the last mile of this in Nashville, he did something around a 9:20 mile.

Jun of 2010 Ben ran a 8:49 mile at the Billy Bowlegs 1 mile Sundown Run, his first sub 9 minute mile.

August 25th Ben Slalom skied at All Can Ski clinic at Sea World San Antonio, major sponsor is San Antonio Sports

Latest Journal Update

Last Entry

6 years later, Ben Baltz is one lucky child, now a young man. We as a family would like to thank everyone for their prayers and generosity through this journey; we could not have done it without your support.

For anyone who finds this page because your child has been DX with bone cancer, please seek out Dr. Mark Scarborough at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL. He only wants what is best for your child and his expertise in the field of bone tumors is 2d to none.

Our phone continues to ring and ask if Ben doesn't mind coming and speaking with a new amputee, please continue to reach out, because he smiles and says sure whenever asked. He spoke with a strong special young lady from Chipley, FL a few weeks ago; Ben got her to smile when he told her he could hang from his blade upside down in a tree.

Lastly, we met a very nice man in Curaçao the other day, I was sharing a Ben story and he stopped me mid sentence. "I don't want to hear what he has done, I want to know what he is going to do"; I will continue to encourage all my children with this statement.

Now, back to the baseball diamond, Ben made the varsity team of his middle school and also is playing his last year of little league, so it will be a busy few months!

God Bless and Keep the Faith,

JC and Kim Baltz