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Bella’s Story

Bella Rodriguez-Torres 12/12/02-5/28/13

I was born on 12/12/02 and was 4 1/2 when I became paralyzed and dx with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma on 7/17/07. Thankfully, I can now walk, run and jump! I have battled cancer 6 more times.
Please pray for my complete healing of cancer forever. Love, BELLA

Shannah's email: shmh76@aol.com

Read my full story below.I was born on December 12, 2002, & was 4 1/2 when I became paralyzed from a tumor on my spine & diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, Stage 4 on 7/17/07. I went thru 54 weeks of chemo and 16 weeks of radiation to all 7 tumor sites and was in remission. I am able to walk, run and jump again! In April 2009 they found a tumor in my brain and I had full brain radiation ,more chemo and an antibody treatment and was again in remission. On 9/28/11 there was a tumor found in my right ovary which was removed and the area was radiated. On 1/12/12 they found 3 new tumors in In my abdomen And I had more chemo and an antibody treatment. One month after this treatment in August 2012, 4 more tumors were found in my pelvis so I had chemo again. Jan 2013 the tumors were found to have grown while on chemo so I went to Houston to have a 16 hour surgery to remove the tumors, my uterus, my ovaries and have my entire abdomen washed in hot chemo. I am still recovering from the side effects and issues of the surgery.
Please pray for me as I undergo my treatment and receive God's full healing.
Love, Bella

Bella lives in Miami, with her parents (Ray & Shannah), her little sister (Rayna) her 5 dogs and 2 birds. She loves to play with Play-dough, Legos and loves everything with Sponge Bob Square Pants, Justin Bieber and Disney. She loves music and watching DVDs. She loves to fish in the lake with her daddy. We are sure that the many prayers being said on her behalf are responsible for allowing her to tolerate treatment so well. We ask all of you who visit this site, to please lift Bella and our family in your prayers. Miracles did not stop happening 2,000 years ago, they still happen and we will pray for a miracle on Bella's behalf. May God bless you and protect you. The road has been a difficult one and is not over, but we have witnessed His miracle in her and know that it will be completed with a full healing. All of your prayers, love, support, and well wishes; have allowed us to endure this most difficult time in our lives. We are forever grateful; first to our Lord and then to all of you who have been instruments of Christ on our journey. May God continue to bless each of you and we ask for your continued prayers. Bella went to be with our Lord on 5/28/13. Her life and legacy will always be remembered. #LiveLikeBella  www.LiveLikeBella.org    The Rodriguez-Torres family

Latest Journal Update

Happy 12th Birthday in Heaven Bella

Happy 12th Birthday in heaven Bella! May you and your beloved Mommy Church enjoy a Grand celebration in heaven with Jesus. We love you! Please join us in remembering Bella today by doing one of her favorite things.  #LiveLikeBella
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15 Comentarios

Boimah Sambola
By Boimah Sambola
Praying for you and your family. May God be with you. I'm sure Bella is up in the sky having tea parties with Jesus. She's smiling harder than ever before. Please also pray for my friend's daughter, Bella, who was in a tragic car accident and is now in a coma fighting for life. Blessings to ALL.
Michel Cordero
By Michelle Cordero Brenes Costa Rica
Hola tengo mi hija de 6 años diagnosticada con Leucemia y realmente creo un Dios todo podero que un cuando no entiendo sus propositos, él tiene todo bajo su control y con un proposito. Te mando muchas bendiciones en el amor de nuestro padre celestial.
Jomeyni Eneque Garcia
By Jomeyni Eneque Garcia
Hoy es para mi un día especial. (19/12/14) hoy por primera vez vi este caso. Hoy es uno de esos días en los que hacen que vuelva a creer en Dios. Yo tengo mi hermanito que nació con múltiples malformaciones. Y yo le digo a Dios al igual que ustedes, Por qué No a mí.
Hoy agradezco a Dios por darme la oportunidad de tener la familia y el hermano que tengo, él hizo que yo vea las cosas diferentes y pensara diferente. Te Amo Jesús Salvador Eneque Garcia.
Desde Perú, te mando muchas bendiciones Bella. Atte. Jomeyni Georgina Eneque Garcias.
Rebecca Rodriguez
By Rebecca Rodriguez Rodriguez
Hoy 19 de diciembre escuche por primer vez el caso de la vida de Bella
De verdad creo que Dios es poderoso
Yo e estado enferma y sin medicamento solo con oración fe y la ayuda de Dios e podido salir adelante.
No comprendo como somos tan incrédulos y no vemos lo grande y real que es nuestro Señor, que solamente con fe en el podemos salir adelante.
Aunque ya hace unos dias de tu cumpleaños te deseo muchas felicidades Bella
Eres un bendicion y un llamado a orar cada dia. Que Dios guie tus pasos muñeca.
Costa Rica - Rebecca.
Camila Luján
By Camila Luján
Eres una muy linda bendición, llegaste a la tierra para iluminar y resplandecer al lugar que llegues, reflejas amor, esperanza, amor, felicidad . Una gran luchadora de la vida que llegara a lugar que desee si te lo propones, Dios te bendiga y bendiga siempre a tu familia que la salud, la esperanza, la fe, el amor, la y tranquila emocional y espiritual a abunden en tu alma, tu corazón y en todos tu seres amados.
Un saludo hermosa Bella
Colombia - Armenia.
"Dios no me deja caer"
Doreen Denver
By Doreen Denver
Happy Birthday Bella
Anita Turner
By Anita Turner
Happy birthday Bella!
amanda santana
By Amanda Santana
Happy belated birthday bella! We heard your story yesterday at our mass feast day for the virgen de Guadalupe. I will continue sharing your story with everyone! Me encanto escuchar de tu gran milagro. Yo soy Mexicana y me da Mucha felicidades de lo que ha hecho por ti y tu familia nuestra morenita. Dios te siga bendiciendo! Mucho amor de Aqui en Alton, texas
marilyn bergagnini
By marilyn bergagnini
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Rebecca Steppe
By Rebecca Steppe/Metairie, LA
Dear Shannah, Raymond and Rayna,
I've been thinking about all of you all day today. I prayed for Bella this morning on this her 12th birthday. I know she is dancing, jumping, and singing Jesus songs in heaven with Mommy Church and Jesus. God bless you all as you recall all the beauty that is Bella on the day that He sent her to you. And may He keep you all in His loving care.
Love, Becky
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