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Bella’s Story

Bella Rodriguez-Torres 12/12/02-5/28/13

I was born on 12/12/02 and was 4 1/2 when I became paralyzed and dx with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma on 7/17/07. Thankfully, I can now walk, run and jump! I have battled cancer 6 more times.
Please pray for my complete healing of cancer forever. Love, BELLA

Shannah's email: shmh76@aol.com

Read my full story below.I was born on December 12, 2002, & was 4 1/2 when I became paralyzed from a tumor on my spine & diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, Stage 4 on 7/17/07. I went thru 54 weeks of chemo and 16 weeks of radiation to all 7 tumor sites and was in remission. I am able to walk, run and jump again! In April 2009 they found a tumor in my brain and I had full brain radiation ,more chemo and an antibody treatment and was again in remission. On 9/28/11 there was a tumor found in my right ovary which was removed and the area was radiated. On 1/12/12 they found 3 new tumors in In my abdomen And I had more chemo and an antibody treatment. One month after this treatment in August 2012, 4 more tumors were found in my pelvis so I had chemo again. Jan 2013 the tumors were found to have grown while on chemo so I went to Houston to have a 16 hour surgery to remove the tumors, my uterus, my ovaries and have my entire abdomen washed in hot chemo. I am still recovering from the side effects and issues of the surgery.
Please pray for me as I undergo my treatment and receive God's full healing.
Love, Bella

Bella lives in Miami, with her parents (Ray & Shannah), her little sister (Rayna) her 5 dogs and 2 birds. She loves to play with Play-dough, Legos and loves everything with Sponge Bob Square Pants, Justin Bieber and Disney. She loves music and watching DVDs. She loves to fish in the lake with her daddy. We are sure that the many prayers being said on her behalf are responsible for allowing her to tolerate treatment so well. We ask all of you who visit this site, to please lift Bella and our family in your prayers. Miracles did not stop happening 2,000 years ago, they still happen and we will pray for a miracle on Bella's behalf. May God bless you and protect you. The road has been a difficult one and is not over, but we have witnessed His miracle in her and know that it will be completed with a full healing. All of your prayers, love, support, and well wishes; have allowed us to endure this most difficult time in our lives. We are forever grateful; first to our Lord and then to all of you who have been instruments of Christ on our journey. May God continue to bless each of you and we ask for your continued prayers. Bella went to be with our Lord on 5/28/13. Her life and legacy will always be remembered. #LiveLikeBella  www.LiveLikeBella.org    The Rodriguez-Torres family

Latest Journal Update

1 Year Ago, Bella went to heaven

On this day one year ago, our beloved Bella went to heaven.  While we held her in our arms she took her last breath and we commended her soul into the Lord’s loving hands.    We miss her beyond what human words can describe.  Yet despite the pain and moments of unspeakable grief, we know without equivocation that she is more alive than she has been in her entire existence.  She is now in paradise, free from the suffering of this world, rejoicing in the Lord’s kingdom in heaven by the side of her beloved “Mommy Church.”   Bella never belonged to us, she was a gift from God and we simply had the privilege of caring for her for 10 years while she was on Earth.  Bella’s life and legacy inspired millions across the globe because of her simple nobility, her unshakable faith, and her care and concern for others more than herself.   Today and everyday, we ask you to #LiveLikeBella.  Please wear red today to honor Bella (her favorite color) and please take a moment to pray for us and all of the families who have lost a child to cancer or are currently in the battle.  

Thank you for your continued support and fervent prayers.  We WILL find a cure.  God bless you!

The R-T Clan
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Kristel Romero Julca
By Kristel
A penas vi que decia esta pagina en caso cerrado y este caso enrealidad me quede sorprendida xque demuestra que si tienes fe todo es posible suerte y mejoria y bendiciones para ti desde Peru/Ancash/Chavin/Huarmey
Ymus Ursi
que linda historia llena de dolor pero gracias a dios llena de milagros igual.nadie estamos libres de esto,por mas o poco dinero que exista,oremos todos por todos los niños que pasan por esto y roguemos a dios que alivie de una o otra forma el dolor de los padres,amen
Isaac Werner Rojas Huallanca
Bella Rodriguez torres Hermosa y tierna bebe , Ver y escuchar las palabras de tu padre y el milagro que llego a ti por la fe de tu padre y madre , es muy divino y el apoyo de todas las personas que apoyaron tu caso , hoy ala hora del almuerzo del trabajo , prendí la televisión y puse canal 9 , Y estaba dando caso cerrado , Y toco el tema de un milagro , lo vi de corazón escuchar las palabras de tú padre , sentí el inmenso dolor que , que sentía verte en como relataba todo :( y al escuchar toda la historia , Y el hermoso milagro y divino que da la fe de corazón y alma ,Y cuando tu padre dijo que naciste un 12 de diciembre también yo nací un 12 de diciembre de 1993 el día de la virgen de guadalupe , y para mi fue todo un honor escuchar todo este milagro y ver por la tv ala hermosa niña bella que hizo que la fe de muchas personas que tienen este tipo de casos , no se den por vencidos, Y hoy y mañana hasta el día que este con vida no perderé la fe de que en algún momento volveré a jugar fútbol como lo solía hacer antes , Cuando mi corazón deje de estar acelerado , oremos de corazón y amemos de corazón dios nos escucha a todos y que todo el mundo ame a dios de corazón y alama , Gracias bella y padres de bella , eternamente agradecido. No me rendiré bendiciones y éxito de corazón en tu carrera de dentista un abrazo . Bendiciones .
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Jose Amore Della Mia Vita
By jose luis janampa sulca
Querida forbella que dios te bendiga lo unico que te puedo decir es que las imagenes te pueden sanar peroa detras de esas imagenes estan el diablo por que en la biblia dice no adoraras a imagenes por1ue dios es celoso y solo te digo que jesucristo te puede sanar si tu le pides perdon por todos tus pecados el te puede sanar PORQUE PARA DIOS NADA ES IMPOSIBLE cristo quiere estaurarte solo buscalo a el y no ha imagenes porque dios nunca dijo que los santos pueden sanar sino solo jesucristo
Mayuu Lescano Guarniz
By Mayu Lescano
Que gusto saber que la fe supera cualquier obstáculo... Es realmente maravilloso saber tu historia bella Dios y la Virgen de Guadalupe te cuiden siempre.
cristina jimenez
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Marge Castee;
By Marge Casteel
We just want you to know that we are lifting you in prayer! - the family of Jameson Casteel (02/13/1997 - 10/21/2009)
Sue Koslovsky
By Sue Koslovsky
Thinking of you and remembering Bella with love. I can't believe that it has been a year already. It doesn't seem possible. Still, many children suffer from the wicked disease, CANCER. We pray that SOON CURES will be discovered to put and end to it's existence and let children live without fear. Sending love to you from Kate's grandparents in Toledo, Ohio
holly grant
By holly grant
Still praying...never forgetting.
Holly Grant
C.O.L.E.’s Prayer Team
Beverly Reed
By Beverly Reed
Dear Shannon and Crew,

Thanks so much for reminding us of this milestone. I was thinking about you all and praying for you the other night, not realizing it had been a year since God took Bella home. I concur with all you have said about her being on loan, for the impact and promise God continues to fulfill with the good her life has produced, and I am SO grateful that though you continue to grieve, your lives continue to grow in the Holy Spirit and that your own lives testify to the love, grace, and peace of the Father. You are a remarkable family and God is using you in mighty ways to reach others who have lost a child and to those who need to hear the gospel. Continually praying for his will to be done in your loves. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. b