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Bekka’s Story

  • In the early hours of November  24th, a hit-and-run driver struck Bekka and a friend on Grand Avenue.

    Many of you have asked what you can do and the prayers, signing the guest book and words of encouragement has kept the Peterson family strong during this difficult time. A medical expense fund has bet set up for Bekka as her home for now is going to be the hospital and there are no definite answers as to what lies ahead. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and will help the family focus on getting Bekka healthy.

    You can send your contribution to:

    Associated Bank
    5353 Wayzata Blvd
    St. Louis Park, MN 55416
    or checks can be sent to any Associated Bank branch/
    Please make checks payable to: Bekka Peterson Medical Benefit Fund

    Again, we can not thank you enough for all of your support as we wait to see what God has planned.

Latest Journal Update

The next leg of the journey...

I guess the lack of updates means that Bekka is healing and making steps towards regaining her "old life" again.  Not everyone knows - but Bekka was recently told she could try one class back at UST and see how things go.  She is super excited to have homework from a professor rather than a doctor or therapist.  This is a HUGE success for her and we know it's just the beginning of another bumpy road for her; but she's ready!!  I was outside watching the lunar eclipse last night and doing some talking to the “Big Guy” upstairs and admiring His awesome work and reflecting on the past couple years of our lives. I was asking for help and guidance to continue on our journey and I looked up a saw a shooting star. I’m going to take that one as a sign; having said that you all should know I don’t like to ask for help – but since I saw the “sign” here goes. . . A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help Bekka reach her next goal of attaining her degree. The money we had set aside for her has gone to cover medical and legal expenses; which have been mounting. If you could help we would be forever grateful. If you are not able to help financially – could you please share her link and maybe you know someone who is looking to do a random act of kindness? Every dollar will help her. Thank you all for every prayer, good thought, well wish, hug, act of kindness, and donation that has gotten us through journey.