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Brian’s Story

Welcome to this cheesy but simple website for updates on my treatment for HDGC. Send good vibes - alternatively, you can sign the guestbook with questions or notes. I will enjoy reading them, though probably won't respond - cut me some slack! I will be updating the journal and adding photos though, so check that out.

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Long story short - I am genetically predisposed to a tricky kind of cancer called Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer, which hides in the stomach walls and typically isn't detectable until it is in the advanced stages.

My Dad was so strong and fought this for over a year after his diagnosis. He was a terrific father and a great inspiration. I miss him, wish he could be here to see me through this, and hope he knows that I am ok. My Aunt Karen did the wonderful research to find out about HDGC, and she and my mom pushed to get us all tested. Both Karen and my Uncle Ken have led the way with their prophylactic gastrectomies, and have made this process so much easier for me - shout out to them!

After discovering I had the genetic mutation back in July, I had hoped to wait a few years before having the surgery - but the docs say do it now, so on February 19th, I'll do it. Rather, the surgeons will....

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Latest Journal Update


Six months!

I feel good, and ready to start a new chapter in my life.  Thanks to everyone for seeing me through this one.