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Bayler’s Story

Hello! My name is Bayler Joel Teal. When my journey began I was five (5) years old. I live in Bishopville, South Carolina, and go to Robert E. Lee Academy. I love my class !!

My mommy and daddy are Risha and Rob Teal. I have a brother Bridges who is three (3) years old and is my best friend in the whole wide world!


My Grandparents are Ron (Daddy T) and Daphne (DeeDee) Teal. These are my daddy's parents. My mama's parents are Sandy (Mimi) and Larry (Popi) Matuse and Richard Rhodes (Papa Rick) & Della.

I have many aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends that love me very much!

My Gigi (Gina) is helping me with this, so if she makes a mistake, let her know!

In September (2008), I started feeling very tired and was exhausted when I tried to play. When I spent a weekend at the beach with my family, I couldn't play much at all. That's when my Mommy and DeeDee got really worried.

I went to school on Monday and had a really bad tummy ache. My back was hurting too! My Mommy and Daddy took me to my doctor in Florence and he sent me to the Emergency Room that night for blood tests. He thought that I had mono. I was a big boy but I was really tired and just wanted to go home!

Tuesday morning the doctor called Daddy and told him that I had abnormal blood work and that he wanted me to go see a pathologist (blood doctor). The pathologist did not know what was wrong with me. So my doctor wanted a hemotologist to look @ the test. Wednesday morning he called and said that he was very concerned about me.

He sent me to the Children's Hospital at Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia to have even more tests. The doctors there told Mommy and Daddy that I have Neuroblastoma and that I have a mass in my tummy that is pushing on my kidneys and liver. Neuroblastoma is a very rare form of cancer that only affects children.

My doctors and nurses were very nice to me and gave me pain medicine to help me feel better. I had a bone marrow test. The doctors said the cancer is in my bone marrow too.

I had a bone scan and an MRI to make sure that the cancer hadn't spread to my spine/back. It is in my liver, too.

I got to go home that week to spend the night Saturday and Sunday before I had to have surgery. I was sooo ready to go home!! I'm not sure about all this hospital stuff yet!!

The doctors put tubes in my chest (broviac) so that I won't have to be stuck so many times for all the surgergies, chemotherapy ,stem cell transplant and radiation I'll have to have in the coming months.

I will be in and out of the hospital for a long time, but don't worry!

Fast forward : March 13, 2009 Bayler has been through so much since that horrible on Sept 17,08. He had 3 rounds of chemo. In Nov we took a trip to MUSC to have his stem cell harvest. That was a 3 day affair & not a good trip. He has had 2 more rounds of chemo. They removed his tumor on Jan 19,09. The surgery went wonderful. Had his last round of chemo. Then on Feb 24,09 we headed to MUSC for his stem cell transplant. On March 4th, 09 he had his transplant. As of right now we are still in MUSC waiting for his counts to rise. This has been the worst process of it all.

March 28, 2009 -  Back at home now ... waiting for the next treatment.

May,2009 Bayler was the 1st child @ PCHH to undergo CH14.18 & IL-2 treatments.  This consisted of 7 stays in the PICU & 5 stays on the CBD hall.  This "Anitbody" treatment was give to him to teach his immune system to notice NB cells & to keep them from dividing.  It was not so fun summer but we made it through.  We celebrated his last inpatient stay w/ a party on a Friday.  The following Monday we return to the clinic count check. 
Jennifer (NP) noticed one of Bayler's pupils was larger than the other.  We then proceeded with an MRI the following Tuesday to find a lesion on his brain.  It was very small & needed to be removed as soon a possible. 
October 6,09 Tumor was removed. 
Ocotber 8,09 We were took into a conference room to be told the tumor was malignant.  Bayler had relapsed!  They told us that once NB relapse in the Central Nervous System, there really isn't much hope. 
Also found a lesion on his spinal chord.
Our Bayler is a fighter & has made it through 27 rounds of radiation & 3 rounds of chemo. 

Feb 9,2010 Bayler had first round (test dose) of 8H9 treatment @ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
Feb 16,10 2nd round of 8H9 (high dose)
March 12,10 Bayler is declared NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest Journal Update


Register for BAYLER'S BIRTHDAY BASH 5K RUN/WALK: (see below for more information)

Sorry, we haven't updated lately.  It has been harder to come back to this page than we had thought it would be.  It just seems to bring back so many memories, both good and bad. 

For those that may not already know...we are expecting a little one...yes, a baby :-) in June.  We are very excited, very happy, but also have quite a range of mixed emotions.  Bayler loved babies and we so wish he were here to be excited with us.  We keep trying to hold this all together, knowing that he is happy, cancer & pain free and we are the ones fighting the battle now, trying to come to terms with the hole in our hearts, especially during this time of the year.  As you know, Bayler was our Christmas gift in 2002 - he was born on Christmas Eve, what a wonderful day that was.  So this Friday is his 8th birthday.  So much I could say about the roller coaster of emotions, but I am just going to ask that you pray some extra prayers for me, Rob & Bridges for the next couple of weeks.  THANKS.  As I was writing this I realized...Bayler & Jesus will have quite a birthday celebration this year...well at least that puts a smile on my face.  And we who are left on this earth will also be a part of Bayler's Birthday Celebration.  A Special Thanks to our dear friends, Leah Bruce & Joshua Bradshaw, who have pulled together a Bayler's Birthday Bash 5K Run/Walk for Christmas Eve morning to honor our Sweet Bayler (
 "select "Bayler's Birthday Bash").  The monies from this event will go to the Bayler's Prayers Foundation at the Palmetto Children's Hospital in Columbia, SC.  Remember I said Bayler loved babies and children, and he definitely did not like for them to be sick.  So this is just another way for him to continue helping other children.  I am so sorry I have not shared this event sooner on this web page, but we do hope that all who can, will come and be a part of this celebration.  Bayler was such an amazing little man, so amazing that his spirit continues to inspire people to help other children.  We were so blessed to have been the mommy and daddy of this little man for the 7 1/2 precious years that we had him.  We just wished we could have had more years with him on this earth with a healthy body.  Hope keeps us going until we are with him again.

Thanks for all the support we continue to receive.  All the prayers, the cards, the contributions that are being given to Bayler's Prayers Foundation...everything is greatly appreciated. 

God Bless and Merry Christmas,
Bridges, Risha & Rob