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My Story

Bayleigh is 16, she is a Junior. She was dx with inoperable brain tumor 11-30-06.Completed 2 yrs of chemo,several surgeries.8-4-10 Tumor grew&there is a new area of concern. Chemo again.10-27-10 Tumor grew on chemo, so11-29-10 began 25 rounds of radiation. Jan. 2011 Tumor grew during radiation.May 2011 grew again. started chemo again finally.Aug. 2011 Tumor SHRANK.Finished chemo May 2012.Aug.2012 tumor grew back to origional size.

I started seeing double. When I told my mom and dad, they took me to Dr. Tony Catanzaro. He ran some tests, and he sent me to see Dr. Snell and Advance Imaging. The test showed that I have a brain tumor called Crainiopharyngioma. When Dr. Snell told me that I had a tumor, I told her it was going to be scary road for me to go down, but I can do this. Then I told my family and friends. Dr. Snell then referred me to the Pediatric Neosurgeons at Children's Hospital. Nadine and Gigi and all the other girls in the clinic were so nice to me. Although it is very scary to have a tumor, I know I am in good hands. Dr. Blount explained my tumor to me and what type of surgery I was going to have. He then gave me some medicine to get the swelling down over the weekend. I started feeling better, and my vision is better, too. The medicine was nasty, but I took it anyway. My Dad said that it would make me get better.

Bayleigh had a different kind of tumor than they thought, now they are not sure what her diagnosis is... As of 12-23-06, she has had 5 MRI's, 1 Catscan, 1 Sonogram, about 15 IV's, Two Surgeries (for biopsies and shunts) and tons of bloodwork. What a brave little girl! You are doing great! We love you! Mom and Dad

1-8-07 As of this day, Bayleigh has a Hypothalamic Pilocytic Astrocytoma, we are waiting on third opinion from Johns Hopkins. If they agree Bayleigh will participate in a clinical trial, with 3 different types of Chemo. If they don't agree, I'll be honest...I don't know what they will do. Anyway we expect to start Chemotherpy maybe next week.

7-27-07 Bayleigh has been taking Chemo since January 2007 and will do so until about June 2008. Her tumor is not operable because of location, so we will pray that the Chemotherapy continues to do it's job. She has had two MRI's since Chemo began. The first one showed shrinkage, the second showed stable. She had a really tough time in Feb and March, but she is much better now. We are so grateful for the love, support, and encouragement from our friends, family, community, church and neighbors. We are so blessed and we continue to count our blessings everyday. Thanks again for everything and everybody. We love you all! Johnny and Dixie Phillips

8-4-10 Bayleigh's origional tumor has grown and there is a new one, she just began a new chemo regimen, please pray for her strength, peace and for her tumor to GO AWAY!!!





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Jill Schwieger signed Bayleigh's Guestbook.

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Bayleigh - you look absolutely radiant, you probably don't remember us, but you and yours are never too far from my thoughts, I probably should have signed your book long ... Read more

David Oliver signed Bayleigh's Guestbook.

Bayleigh - you look absolutely radiant, you probably don't remember us, but you and yours are never too far from my thoughts, I probably should have signed your book long ... Read more

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