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Baby’s Story

Zayd was born 11/28/2010 at 12:50 AM.  The delivery was excellent.  :)  He was healthy and beautiful.  He has tons of dark hair and looks like his older brother Zaker.  Brown eyes.  7 pounds even and 20 1/4 inches long.

I noticed at his diaper change that his bottom looked different from my other children.  He also wasn't nursing very well.  Long story short, he was born with a condition called Low Imperforate Anus.  He has an opening, but it is smaller than it should be.  He wasn't wanting to eat because he wasn't able to poop very well, so he was feeling full.

He will need surgery to correct it.  The surgeon saw him yesterday and got him to poop out *everything*.  After that, he started nursing like a champ and has been almost non-stop eating.  :)

We did get one piece of good news this morning--the surgeon has not been here yet, but his pediatrician has been here.  He had several tests to try to determine if he had any internal problems that can sometimes happen with his condition.  It looks like he does NOT have any of that, so he will have a simpler surgery.

His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  I will post more when I know more.

The good news summary though is of the two options I was given yesterday, it looks like he will have the less-complex surgery.  He is nursing excellent now.  :)  And other than this condition, he is completely healthy and beautiful.

This fall, Zayd is not gaining weight, not taking solid food well, and has been diagnosed as failure to thrive.  :(  We are currently undergoing testing to find out why this is happening.  Other than the lack of growth, he is happy, playful, and active.  He is 10 months old.  He knows how to hold onto the couch and walk along it.  He has help to pull up there.  He sits and can get on his tummy and is trying to crawl.  He says "dada" occasionally "Mom" and twice on the same night, "I love you"  He LOVES to watch his brothers and sister play and they love him.

Latest Journal Update

No more...ANYTHING!

It's been almost 5 months since Zayd had his surgery to close his colostomy. Everything has gone fabulous! He spent an overnight at Avera in Dec. because of a stomach bug. He recovered fine with some extra fluids. And Thursday, he managed to pull out his G button (feeding tube) while climbing on his brothers bed! He hasn't used it since summer. We were going to pull it in a few weeks anyway, but since this happened, we are going with it! He has a big bandage on his tummy while it heals, and no baths until at lest next Wed. when we go in to see how it is healing. He's been through a lot, and now we are down to 3 scars. Pray that this goes well and we don't end up having to have it surgically closed.