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Noah’s Story

This space is a celebration of our son, Noah. Born 9/20/07 with spina bifida and trisomy18, Noah blessed us with his earthly presence until 6/14/08. 8 months and 25 days of a pure miracle!

We welcome you to read through our journal entries that began from the time we received Noah's diagnosis.

We also encourage you to make a donation to caring Bridge or to Noah's lasting legacy - the comprehensive infant hospice program provided by the Community Health Network.  You can learn more at

In his honor, when a family is in need of this service, the call that goes out within the Network is a "Code Noah."

Latest Journal Update


It has been a long time since we’ve posted…but fear not – we have been busy! 

The perinatal hospice that started earlier this year has had more patients now.  The staff still uses “Code Noah” as the emergency page when alerting other staff about these precious children and their families.  We feel so honored that he is remembered in this way.

And as if that isn’t enough – we are excited to share that the Community Health Foundation has embarked upon a fundraising campaign so that these services can be continued well into the future through an endowment that has been created.

We have participated in the creation of this campaign in many ways – primarily by sharing the story of the challenges we faced when we brought Noah home and didn’t have infant hospice services that are now offered.  We provided photos, welcomed a videographer into our home to interview us and shoot B roll footage of some of Noah’s keepsakes as well as helped to proof the copy on the campaign brochure.

The campaign has been named “Code Noah – Will you Answer the Call?”.  Our video is here:

We'd love for you to click the link, check out the campaign website, watch the video and let us know what you think!

We have also participated in multiple presentations as this campaign launched a few weeks ago.  The first few presentations were to various Community Health Network Boards of Directors and most recently we have been involved with presentations to key potential donors. 

Quite simply it has already been an experience far above and beyond our imagination and we are so thankful to be working with the staff at the Foundation- they have done such a terrific job of incorporating us into every aspect of this initiative!

So we’d like to now incorporate you as a donor and advocate for this program as well.  J  We are asking all those that supported us during our time of need to consider supporting those that will receive the services provided by this program in two ways:

  1. Spread the word about this donation opportunity to at least one other friend, colleague or family member who you feel would be interested in learning more about it and ask them to do the same.
  2. Consider making a donation to the program so these hospice services can be adequately funded and the parents that need them don’t have to worry about the cost as they are trying to enjoy the time they have with their child.

As we have seen time and time again, Noah’s legacy and impact here in this world will not be judged by the short time he was with us but rather the number of lives that he touched.  We are so blessed to know you - thank you for continuing to support us and now others through this unique opportunity!

Nathan & Melissa