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Carly’s Story

Carly was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma stage 1, in 5/07 at 10 months old. Her plan was 48 weeks but she was diagnosed with recurrent disease in 1/08 after 7 months of chemo.  Carly has had a second relapse in 10/09 and is now considered stage 4 but we stopped chemo in 10/10 and she is currently cancer free thanks to radiation and another major surgery.  Keep praying that it stays away for good!!!



My daughter is so strong and brave. The surgeons had to remove her uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina and one ovary. They were able to save one so we are very grateful for that. Carly has been such an inspiration to our family. She truly is my hero and everyday is such a blessing. I am so proud of her and I know she will beat this once and for all. I prayed for god to do whatever it took to make her cancer free and he did. Now we just have to make sure it doesn't return. Carly should be done with chemo in Feb. 09 if there are no set backs. They are using stronger chemos now since she had anaplasia (more aggressive) and it relapsed while on chemo. I know she has won the battle already I can feel it. I love you Carly!!

Latest Journal Update

staying positive

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Carly is doing great other than some aches and pains and viral issues. She had clear scans in march!! With her next set coming up at the end of september. There are hard days but its reality. We will never stop being grateful and taking day by day.

We moved to north branch since I got engaged and then shortly after found out I was expecting a baby girl. Carly and brady are excited for their new sister. We are getting married on august 24th and the baby will arrive In november. Carly will be 3 yrs in remission this november.

I will update again next month. Please continue praying for clear scans and for all the cancer warriors and angels out there.