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Ayla’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep all of our amazing friends and family updated on Ayla's progress. We appreciate more than words can say your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. Please use this site to show your love for Ayla and our whole family. We will do our best to provide regular updates of her progress here. If you want to help defray Ayla's medical expenses please go to her give forward page. (the link to the right is for donations to Caring Bridge not to the James family)

Latest Journal Update

Closing in on a year....

Dear God,

Thank you for all your mighty work in this journey. We feel all your many blessings and see your power in our healing. We continue to pray for the Sniders and hold them up. They’re truly amazing people. We ask you to fill their hearts, heal their pain, and help us to show our love to them by honoring Gracie in everything we do. Thank you for all the good work our special angel is doing.

As move towards the year anniversary, we ask you God to be with so many who will remember and look to you for comfort. Please bless all those who have prayed, loved, and continued to support us during this trying time. Please take all this pain, trauma, grief, and sorrow and make it yours. Thank you God for all the miracles! Thank you for Ayla!


Others in Need:  Please continue to pray, love, and support both Alli McKernan and Marcy Wetzel and their families. Both are now at home and adjusting to their new “normal” as well. I continue to be amazed at this community's love and support for others. It never stops and is so powerful. Thank you Spokane, you are amazing.  We ask that you pray for a special friend of Ayla’s who has been diagnosed with leukemia and is now receiving treatment from Seattle Children’s Hospital. We are constantly praying for Rebecca Pace and all her family. We hope you extend the same love and support you so graciously gave to Ayla. You can follow her story on caring bridge

 Now for some updates on Ayla....

Eye Therapy: Ayla has experienced some improvements around the abnormal blind spot in her left eye. She is starting a new type of light therapy (infrared light wand) to see if we can make more improvements and hopefully bring that eye back to midline. Please pray for this therapy and for Ayla’s patience around the healing.  Ayla has also had two therapy sessions with a Holistic Physical Therapist who was supposed to help with improvement around the eye. Unfortunately she is not able to do much with the bones/plates in the face and head since Ayla has had braces put on. The braces somewhat lock the potential of movement into place.

Struggles:  Ayla is having some struggles around her emotions. She has started counseling but is having a tough time opening up and feeling emotions. This is understandable given her serious head injuries, we are trying to help guide her through the process. She is also struggling with motivation to work hard physically in healing. She has worked so hard for the last year getting better week after week.  But she gets weary, as do we all, with all the physical work day in and day out. Progress is slower now so its harder to stay motivated. She has been through a lot over the past 11 months. It’s hard for all those around her to know exactly what she is going through. Or exactly how to support her in the direction that lends itself to heal to her utmost potential.

Family:  We all could really use some thoughts and prayers around the James Gang. Janelle has started back in her Physical Therapy Assisting program right where she left off last year at the time of the accident. What a blessing that they allowed her back in the program without missing a beat. It is painful for Janelle to watch her class graduate this year and not be able to celebrate and finish with them. Those friends and classmates have been a wonderful blessing to our family. Thank you.

Noah continues to get back into soccer, school, youth group, and the teenage social scene. Pray for him to find his new normal and help us all to support him in this trying time of being 16. He is so special and he has been through a lot this year as well.

I continue to struggle emotionally in significant ways especially as the one year anniversary approaches. I am trying to find my way through so many things that have changed. I ask for your continued prayers around my total healing and health so that I can be the father, husband, and friend that I want to be.

Thank you so much for loving our family and supporting us over the past 11 months. No words can describe how powerful the support has been. Love to all

P.S.  Please check out to find out details about this year’s Play for Gracie Foundation tournament on July 11-12, 2015. Also each month there is a community project in Gracie’s honor. You can find out about upcoming events on ProjectGrace


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Roger Fruci
By Roger — last edited
I think that all the forces of life support growth and healing, and that since you all have the intent and desire for healing, it will come. It seems that it is important that we remain open to that support. If we are open then the infinite healing power of life will bring healing, but it will take time.

Sometimes perhaps it is good to allow doubt and a lessening of resolve to have some time with us. I think that it can block healing if we don't allow ourselves to fully feel and honestly examine all that we feel. Then from that place - re-energize and re-engage. "Struggles" reflect something very real and important - our organism trying to find a foothold and adjust and adapt. Struggles can be an opening to greater understanding and healing - they are part of the process and part of balancing.

I have no doubt that all will be well with every one of you.
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Tamara Kennedy-Gibbens
By Tamara Kennedy-Gibbens
Dear James Gang,
You have each been on my heart often as we near the one year mark. The journey continues - left foot, right foot, breathe. Thank you for the update. It helps to know specifically how to pray for you all. I hold up the Sniders as well as the one year mark approaches. May the Grace and Abundant Love of Our Creator Continue to Strengthen Each One. Love, Tamara
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Karen Jay
Prayers for all of you everyday. Prayers also for Ayla good friend. Let the good Lord be with you all and heal you all. God Bless
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Cynthia Muncey
By Cynthia, Lance, Garrett (former XiFA teammate with Noah) & Jack Muncey
Covering your family with prayers.
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Kristi Siron
I pray for you all constantly. I miss seeing you all often too. Lots of extra prayers through this 1 year anniversary time. You are all so strong in so many ways.
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