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Avery’s Story

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Thank you for visiting our HERO Avery's Caring Bridge site. Thank you for the prayers and support during this journey. We love you all.

Latest Journal Update

Thank you for the prayers, keep storming!

Hello God Warriors, just a quick update.  Avery had another blood draw today to make sure her platelet numbers did not plummet over the weekend.  Preliminary numbers for platelets are 87,000, they were 19,000 on Friday!  The final numbers are always a little bit different, but this gives us a good glimpse!  She went to school today and had a good day.

Thank you so much for the prayers, I have felt a little more at peace the last couple of days and I know it is because of you all lifting me up. 


Blessings to each of you.  One step at a time, Jenn

Go Team BrAvery!

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pat smith
By Bill and Pat Parrish
Prayers continuing every night for you and Avery. God is in control and He is there with you every minute. Thanks for your posts - they let us know exactly what to carry to His throne in our petitions for Avery.
Kimberly Lesmeister
By Kimberly Lesmeister
Good news!!! I have been praying for you Jen! I always pray for peace and comfort! I am praying also for Avery's upcoming appointment! God is good and in control, which in itself brings peace. He loves you all so much and is right beside you through every step of this journey! He knows the depth of your love for Avery! He cares about your heart! He is carrying you!
I pray for a blessed day for all of you!!
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marilyn bergagnini
By marilyn bergagnini
Praying for brave Avery daily....God bless U lil Princess and hugs and loves..
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Sandy Pizinger
By sandy pizinger
Little Avery, keep up the good work, the Angels will guide your foot steps, and always remember God loves you and so do I.

Sandy P.
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
I guess I'm emotional right now because there are tears in my eyes after reading your post. Your post sounds so good and I praise God!

I won't stop praying now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Erin Pesha
By Erin
Rejoicing in the small victories with you!! Love you friend! Continued prayers for strength and peace and courage!
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Sandy Sievert
By Sandy Sievert
YAY Avery!!!! That IS good news! Just know we are all praying for you and love you! Keep up the great work!
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Nigel Burrell
By Nigel Burrell
The prayers continue! :o) Sending healing wishes from the U.K.

Nigel xxx
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Julie Sharp
By Julie Sharp
So glad to hear her platelet numbers had gone up so much!! That is wonderful.
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Jean Muehlenthaler
By Jean Muehlenthaler
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