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Avery’s Story

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Thank you for visiting our HERO Avery's Caring Bridge site. Thank you for the prayers and support during this journey. We love you all.

Latest Journal Update

One step at a time...

Hello God Warriors, Thursdays port access and chemotherapy went as well as to be expected.  Brave Ave said OW, but recovered very quickly.  She actually helped fill her blood into the tubes for labs, she is truly unbelievable.  The nurse and Avery (while still accessed) walked her labs to the lab to deliver them.  I think it gives her a sense of control in this uncontrollable world she lives in.  PRAISE GOD the access went well and she was given her chemo.  When we got the labs we were told how low her hemoglobin is...it is 7.4.  When it goes below 7.0 she will need a blood transfusion.  This explains why she is pale, tired, and has low energy.  :(  Her platelets are low, but not to the point of a transfusion. She is very susceptible to germs because of her low blood counts of course. This chemo, as I have said before, extremely harsh.  All childhood cancer chemos and treatments are terrible.  I just wish God would cure Childhood cancer.  I cannot explain the heartbreak I feel...I do not know if my heart will ever fully heal.  But, on the other hand, she is HERE and I am so thankful for that.  We count our blessings everyday.  Not a moment it taken for granted.  We also asked a nutritionist to come in because of Avery's decreased appetite.  She told us that sweet food may be too sweet for Avery and that she may like sour, spicy, and salty foods instead.  She explained it to us as...when we have colds we want to eat food that has more of a stronger taste.  So that night I walked through every aisle of Walmart trying to pick foods she may like.  The other struggle with this is she has always been picky so getting her to try new foods is a battle.  A dear friend of mine told me how terrible Pediasure and I threw all that in the garbage.  There are blogs about it and the only two ingredients I could pronounce on the label were water and sugar.  So, this same friend of mine talked to me about packing nutrients into smoothies and gave me recipes, so I will be trying that.  It takes a village...  It is all very costly, but worth it if I can get her through this and do whatever in my power to keep her "healthy."

Friday was a terribly emotional and rough day for me. Usually I put on a "brave face" and get through my day....but not Friday.  Avery had a hard time getting up for school.  We had an event called Books and Breakfast where I went to her school and read with her over breakfast.  They served cinnamon rolls and Avery gagged and could not eat it, which now makes sense to me.  She did not want me to leave when it was time to go and she pouted and had tears.  After I left the room, I started to cry and luckily two of my dear friends saw me in t\he hallway and hugged me and cried with me.  I just had a hard time leaving her (deep Mother's guilt) there knowing she was not feeling great, but knowing school is so good for her and her teacher and helpers are out of this world fantastic.  We are so blessed to have school staff that love their jobs and our kids.  Then I saw Avery's paras and they reassured me that she was reading a book and giggling in class.  As I was leaving the front desk staff all hugged me and gave me Kleenex.  Even our principal came out of his office and asked if I was ok and of course that made me cry more.  I felt a little silly crying this much at school but it was the kind of day I had and they all know our story and why.  They are so kind and they care so much.  Then God gave me a blessing...Avery was walking to her reading class holding a boys hand and smiling.  She did not even see me in the office.  Then I knew I could leave confidently and happily.  School texted me after lunch to tell me Avery is doing wonderfully to give the reassurance I needed.  She made it through the day and I picked up my girls at school and we came home and had a wonderful meal that was brought to us and we had a family movie night. 

Here is the link that I have been asked to post again for meal/gift card sign up.  Thanks to my friend Carrie, who is such a blessing to us, this has helped our family so much in so many ways.


Today we are celebrating my wonderful, amazing, selfless, and beautiful Mom's birthday.  They will be here for dinner.   Love you Mom!

Please keep the prayers coming for Brave Ave.  Pray her counts rebound.  Pray this chemo stops this cancer from EVER coming back and makes it go away for good!  Round #4 starts the day after Thanksgiving.

Blessings to all of you, Jenn

Go Team BrAvery!

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Preston Bowden
By Preston B. (Brett's dad)
I am sorry that these things pile up on you and become overwhelming. I am glad you have the support you have though. I remember how supportive the school system was to us during our battle with Brett's cancer. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. There is much to be thankful for.
Heather Kizer
By Heather Kizer and family
Continued Thoughts and prayers for you all.
Hang in there.
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jamie bark
By jamie bark
every day I ask Gabbie how school was. Her response is usually "good, Avery was there." Happened again tonight. We're always happy when Gabbie says that too. Many prayers for Avery and your family!
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Loretta Grabrick
By Loretta Grabrick
Praying for sweet Avery. Thank you for letting us know that Friday turned out to have some wonderful blessings with it.
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Melissa Leferink
By Melissa Leferink
Sending my love, hugs, & prayers your way!!!
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Sounds as if Avery is doing better each time with accessing her port. Praying for all her needs, as well as those of you and your family.

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Marilyn U
By Marilyn U
Hope your mom had a Happy Birthday. Glad to hear Ms Avery's appointment went relatively well and that she was able to return to school, I know all the little ones have fun and extra little projects to do when holidays are near. Many prayers for Avery to feel much much better and you all will have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.
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Sarah Gouzoules
By Sarah Gouzoules
Happy Birthday to your mom! Jenn I'm always praying for Avery!! Hugs!! Sarah C.O.L.E'S Prayer Team www.colesfoundation.org
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James delgado
By angel Emily delgado mom
Love reading your post and seeing pictures of avery she is getting so big and beautiful I remember when she was a baby and grandpa would push her around in her stroller. Always thinking about you all.
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marilyn bergagnini
By marilyn bergagnini
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