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Avery’s Story

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Thank you for visiting our HERO Avery's Caring Bridge site. Thank you for the prayers and support during this journey. We love you all.

Latest Journal Update


Hello God Warriors!  Avery had her blood draw from her finger Tuesday and counts came back.  ANC is better at 2200 (they need to be 1000 to begin round), platelets are a little low at 98,000 but, we are going to move forward with Round #5 of TPCV.  Two of the oral chemos will be reduced by 15% to hopefully help with her decreased appetite and low blood counts.  It will begin tomorrow.  Today is spent writing up her chemo chart so I can keep track and waiting for the delivery of her chemo from St. Jude. 

Avery was a bit weepy going to school this morning, and tired.  I volunteered in her class yesterday and I have been doing parent pick up everyday for the girls to hopefully help her get through the day.  I have said this hundreds of times....Avery is one amazing, strong, brave, sweet, and beautiful young lady.  I think tomorrow I will keep her home, I feel it is the right thing to do.   I whispered that in her ear this morning and a big smile came across her face.  She needs a day home with me.  Days 0-3 of this regimen are really tough with meds given around the clock and food she can/cannot eat at certain times.  So needless, to say, this weekend we will be laying low.  Luckily Madelyn has a couple of things planned.   

Please pray Avery's little body can handle this round OK.  Pray that the chemo I am giving her kills EVERY bad cell in there with little to NO side effects to Avery.  Pray for peace and strength.  This marks our 1/2 way point with chemo...  All of your prayers and support make this a little more bearable.  Go Team BrAvery!

Blessings and love to you all, Jenn

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Jeff Joyce
By Jeff Joyce
Go Avery! You can do it!
Angie Esler-Whelan
By Angie Esler-Whelan
Keep fighting the good fight! Be strong, and as always, I am thinking of you all.
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Carrie Parent
By Carrie Parent
Praying for Avery......
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Jean Muehlenthaler
By Jean Muehlenthaler
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Timitra Kelly
By Timitra Kelly
Excellent decision to have her home with mama. Meeting her where she's at....reassuring her....loving on her. I think all those are good ideas. Both of your souls will be better off because of it. Lots of prayers STRENGTH - mind, body, and spirit. You Evans girls rock.....keep on keeping on. You're an amazing parent for dear Avery!
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Denise Arre
By Denise Arre
Thinking of you as always. Hug the girls from us. Always here if you want to talk!
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Tracy Curran
By Tracy
Glad her ANC is better!! :) PRAYING!! It's amazing how strong these little ones are/become through all of this.
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By Connie Solien
Many prayers coming your way. You are such a GREAT momma Jenn, Avery is so lucky to have you. : )
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