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Avery’s Story

Bremer Bank
"Avery Evans Fund"
532 S Knowles Ave
New Richmond, WI 54017

Thank you for visiting our HERO Avery's Caring Bridge site. Thank you for the prayers and support during this journey. We love you all.

Latest Journal Update


Hello God Warriors!  Today was the blood draw, Madelyn came with and I think she was more nervous than Avery.  Avery looked at her and said, "this is no big deal."   While we waited there for the lab to run the preliminary numbers I told Madelyn we need to pray that her platelets have increased and we did.  THE platelets increased!  We got the preliminary counts back and her platelets were 38,000 (finals 42,000)!  PRAISE GOD.  Madelyn hugged me and started to cry and then Avery got teary eyed because Madelyn was crying.  Then the lab girl got teary eyed because she knows our story and is so touched by Avery.  Her ANC is low so we need to be extra clean by washing hands and staying away from germs!  This weekend will be low key.

Copied from my last post:  I think it would be wonderful for Avery to get some cards in the mail for her to open on her last day of chemo!  If any of you would like to send Avery a card our address is 1216 Wren Place, New Richmond WI 54017.  It would be very much appreciated!  August 28th is her last day of actual chemo, so that is the day we will celebrate!!  We will be celebrating that day or weekend by going to Toys R Us and Target for her shopping spree (depending on how she feels).  I am holding all the cards until that day/weekend!*Thanks for the ones we have received so far, they are being saved for our celebration!  What a blessing.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Go Team BrAvery!  Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming!  Jenn

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Heather Kizer
By Heather Kizer and family
We think of Avery and your whole family often. :-)
Happy days that chemo will be done!
Preston Bowden
By Preston Bowden (Brett's Dad)
Oh how precious that sweet girl is!! I am so very happy for you all. Avery is so brave and has become one of my personal favorite heroes. God bless your wonderful family. I am from NC so I don't imagine we may ever meet but God knows the special ones who touch our lives and mine has been touched by yours. I have walked where you are and I know the troubles that come and the joys that overshadow the troubles. I have witnessed first hand the miracles of our Heavenly Father. I have talked to Him and I know He listens to me. I have prayed many a prayer over your precious little angel, Avery. I will continue to do so. May you find Jesus nearer each and every day. God bless.
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Praise be to God!!! Praying that no illnesses or infections occur during the period of her low ANC.
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Chris Hendrickson
By Chris Hendrickson
Splendid, splendid news !!... thank you Lord~
Ave, you are awesome
Hallmark here I come !!!
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June Junko
By June Junko
So glad Avery's platelets increased ! Thank You dear Lord ! Love and many hugs, june
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Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
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Jean Muehlenthaler
By Jean Muehlenthaler
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Kris Dillenbeck
By Kris Dillenbeck
So Thankful that Avery's platelets came up. That truly is an answer to prayer! Continued thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
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Marilyn U
By Marilyn U
FANTASTIC NEWS!!! GOD IS GOOD. Have a great weekend.
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robbie seaton
By robbie seaton
We love you all!! 🙏🏻😊💕🙏🏻👍🏼so proud of her!!!!
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