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Avery’s Story

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Thank you for visiting our HERO Avery's Caring Bridge site. Thank you for the prayers and support during this journey. We love you all.

Latest Journal Update

The BEST news...disappeared...PRAISE GOD!

Hello God Warriors, first things first.....  NED!  PRAISE GOD!  Appointment was at 9:45AM this morning, Dr. Robinson just happened to walk by Matt and Avery at about 9:15am and gave them a thumbs up and smile!  I know that was God doing that for us.  The E clinic team sang the no mo' chemo song to Avery and threw confetti!  Matt videoed it on his IPhone so I will try to get it on here for all of you to see!  It brought tears to my and my Mother's eyes.  Dr. Robinson told Matt, "A scan cannot get any better than this, it disappeared."  What an amazing reunion it will be at the airport tonight!  THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS!!!!!

A crazy story, with the connecting flight, their layover was in Philadelphia on Sunday.  Well, they were delayed for 1 1/2 hours because the Pope was there at the same time.  They had to wait in the tiny plane on the tarmac for quite some time.  Avery is the best traveler.  She was signing tunes from her Ipod to everyone on the plane.  :)  Matt said she has been such a trooper, no complaining, just wanting to get it all done.


Love to you all, Jenn

Go Team BrAvery!

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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Smiling from ear-to-ear here and praising the Lord!!!!!

Praying that beautiful Avery is diagnosed as NED forever. I would have loved to have been on the plane with her. So hear her singing would have been so sweet.
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Melissa Leferink
By Melissa Leferink
Yes!!! Praise the Lord!!! I cried happy tears upon reading this post!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Linda Brockway
By Linda Brockway
Praise the Lord for NED!!! So happy for Avery and all of you! God bless, Linda
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M. Bridget Pepper-Stan
By Mary Bridget Stan
PRAISE GOD! Thank You God! We are all so thankful for this blessing for our precious Avery :)!!! Hugs and kisses to Avery! Yeah, God!!
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pam cottle
By pam cottle
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Laura Lieffring
Jenn, Matt, Avery, Madelyn, and the rest of your family. I have been praying for a report of NED and that's what happened! I'm so thankful for Avery and all of you as you celebrate the wonderful news. God is good and he DOES answer prayers. Have a great rest of the school year and enjoy just being normal. I'm sure there is nothing better than that for all of you.
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Kim Kelley
By Kim Kelley
Awesome news! God bless you all!
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Loretta Grabrick
By Loretta Grabrick
This was the best story to start my day! I am so very happy for Avery and all of you. I could just picture her singing her tunes on the airplane. Such a sweetheart!
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Jill Casiday
By Jill Casiday
GREAT news! I'm so very proud of Avery. Celebrate and so something memorable with those beautiful girls of yours!
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Aime DeWitt
By Aime DeWitt
YES!!!!!!! So happy to hear this news!!!!! Avery you are so very brave, and you beat cancer not once but twice!!!! Prayers have been answered! Now STAY GONE cancer!!!!
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