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Avalanna had an MRI yesterday- we were so so nervous & didn't have a lot of Hope going into it. The past two MRI's have been rather awful but yesterdays was better than we expected. Avalannas brain & spine look stable, even a little better. However, the lesion over the eye is growing at a very fast pace. ;(

Right now, Avalanna can no longer open her right eye. Our sweet girl, is really beginning to notice it herself & I see her self confidence / spirit begin to dwindle & it breaks my heart. Avalanna keeps us all going & to see her so bothered by this is so sad.

Tomorrow we are going to Childrens Hospital where they will do an angiogram of Avalannas head & neck. If the angiogram looks good, they will then shoot a highly potent chemotherapy directly into the tumor. This procedure is under anesthesia & will last 4-8 hrs. .. I am nervous.. We need this to work & we need Avalanna to be seems such a long time under anesthesia for a little girl, with so many medical complications.

So please tonight & tomorrow, beg the Lord to keep Avalanna safe & ask Him to make this chemotherapy be the right one for this tumor. This has never been done before on an ATRT patient - please God may this work.

Love Aileen