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Let me begin by thanking you all for your beautiful messages for our sweet Avalanna. Each message makes me smile & reminds us how many people love & pray for Avalanna daily.

Avalanna had so much fun with Justin & has just thrived in all the attention, she has been getting - she has always been our rock star & now everyone else can see what a star she is too. Avalanna has shone a much needed light on ATRT globally as she battles this dreadful disease with so much spirit & humor.

Since Feb 15th, Avalanna has had daily radiation for new spinal tumors. In addition we are alternating IT Etoposide & IT Depoctye. ..so we have spent almost every day in clinic. Yesterday she had an emergency CT Scan - which showed increased pressure to the eye muscles , now we wait to see what is causing the pressure. So please pray for our little star today & for a Miracle that we know we need.

For those parents that continue to battle ATRT alongside their brave children & all those sweet angels that are now in the arms of the Lord, I will continue to fight this disease the only say I know how.. thru building awareness & raising funds. WWW.CUREATRT.ORG.

Keep praying for us,
Love Aileen