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Jan 9, 2013 7:50pm

Eric, Ava and I after her baptism before her surgery

Eric, Ava and I after her baptism before her surgery

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Lorilee Rueter
Praying for all of you...thanking God that all is going well. Can't wait to hold her...ya know...one June to another!! ;D Love yas!!
Natalie Biel
Hi, I'm Paul Biel's wife. Lois gave me this website. You will all be in our thoughts & prayers. Sending love from West Bend!
diana manegold
we are sending all our love and prayers to your new family. love you all, denny and Diana
Jackie Carter
What an absolutely beautiful picture! Sending you all many warm thoughts and prayers! <3
Melissa LePage
Great pic guys glad today is a stable day! Prayers are sent to the man up above for all of you.