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Officially 1 year old!

I cannot believe it! One year has gone by and in a couple days will be 1 year since Ava's first open heart surgery. So much has happened in this first year and we are just so thankful and beyond grateful for everything everyone has done for us. 

Ava had a great birthday! She did not gag on the cake but did not care for it. She got lots of great gifts and our house was filled with a ton of love! 

She is now rolling over and she is starting to sit up on her own. she doesn't last long sitting up before falling over but we are getting there. She now eats rice cereal and we are also introducing other baby food flavors to her. We are working on her drinking from a sippy cup and she is getting pretty good at it! hopefully in the next 6 months to a year we can get rid of the feeding tube. That is the goal anyways!

On February 8th we will be having Ava's fundraiser at Kingpin Bowl from 11am-4pm in West Bend. She also has her 1 year check up this wednesday and her cardiology appointment on February 18th. 

I hope all of you had a very happy and blessed holiday season as we did! getting to celebrate all holidays and Ava's birthday with her makes us beyond happy. I will try and update more often but its hard with this little busy girl, planning a fundraiser and planning a wedding!

Stay warm and safe everyone!