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Ava was born on 01/04/13. She was born with Ebsteins anomaly, pulmonary artresia, severe tricuspid valve insufficiency and tricuspid valve dysplasia.Her heart is extremely complicated. She is currently 7 1/2 mos old and was in Cardiac ICU for 130 days and had 3 heart surgeries thus far. Ava is our lucky bean!

it begins with going to find out the sex of the baby. Then with a phone call the world changed. i had to go back to a high risk dr, because they needed better pictures of Ava's heart. I went and there i sat being told she may be still birth or may not make it.She may also have downs syndrome. We did an amniocentisis and found out she was clear of Down's but we were transferred to Childrens for the rest of our  care and had to see a cardiologist. We went and were told Ava had a severe case of Ebstein's Anomaly not knowing what else was wrong with her heart.Ava at 4 days old received her first surgery where they placed 2 shunts in her heart. Then at 10 days old they went back in and removed one shunt and opened the pulmonary valve and put a patch over it for better blood/oxygen flow. She was on Ecmo(life support) for 10 days, was resuscitated 3 times and continues to fight!


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Dear Ava, I haven't written on here in a while, so thought I would given that today you are celebrating Christmas with your family. There will be a lot of boxes being ... Read more

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Bean your my lucky charm & I love you more than any sunned beach ❤️Keep talking too you have a lot to say Read more

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Little lady- I am THANKFUL for your fight & your never ending smile. I love you & we are so blessed to have you in our life's. God loves you and so do I! - Your Crazy Auntie! Read more

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Hello Everyone!I just wanted to take a minute to update those who may not have Facebook. We are currently planning on having a fundraiser for Ava on February 8th at ... Read more

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There is really nothing new to report. Ava has finally bounced back from her procedure and back to her crazy, happy self. We continue to have speech, physical and ... Read more

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So glad to hear you are back home! Glad to hear the Cath went ok. They are scary procedures from the parents end. Enjoy plenty of cuddles with your adorable Ava! Read more

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