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By Lisa mother to william former 26 wk preemie now 11. — Jan 31, 2014 10:07pm
Well I just read your entry from your mom and that is wonderful news you have gained and grew.  It is very important to eat. Frustrating for mom and dad Im sure with the g-tube feedings as your not as hungry.  William has been through that too.  He finally got his tube out in 2007 he was 5 years old.  We just weighed him tonight to see how much he weighs and he weighs in at 93.8 lbs.  Never would have thought he would have gotten that far.  So it will come it will take time but it will come. 
William is doing well in school with his new meds, still not liking school but he does go almost every day, (if he is not sick) The school and teachers are a hard adjustment for him still, but we work through that and you will too.  I keep praying for you that you grow and gain as you are suppose too.  Keep up the good work Ava and one day I hope to meet you and your wonderful parents.

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