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AVA’s Story

Hello! My name is Ava! I was born with a large hemangioma on my right shoulder that extended to my elbow, and a small on on the back of my neck. I was also born with a type of dwarfism that is genetic called Leri-Weill Syndrome. (see resources tab) I had removal June 12th 2008 at Childrens in Cincinnati. See my journal, photos and be sure to sign my questbook!

"The great Spirit looks at a man and a woman before he gives them a child. If they are brave and strong, and strong in spirit then the Great Spirit will give them one of his special children. These are the ones many white people called handicapped or defective. Indians believe them wrong. These special children are given special gifts from the Great Spirit. The ability to accomplish much for Him...they have a special call for Him and a special heart, joy and Spirit. "

Latest Journal Update


I cant believe its been over a year since our last post. Here is an updated photo of Ava!