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Autumn’s Story

Autumn Elizabeth Markos was born at 2:56 pm on October 1, 2012. She is 5 lbs 7.5 oz and 17.25 inches long.

Autumn was born with a heart condition called Ebstein's Anomaly. Ebstein's anomaly is a condition in which the tricuspid valve between your right heart chambers is malformed and sits lower than normal in the lower-right ventricle.

Autumn heart was too weak from multiple surgeries and she also has a clotting disorder, because of this Autumn received a heart transplant from her angel on 2/3/13.

Alan and I found out about Autumn's heart condition at a 24 week ultrasound. God was already working in our lives because at my 20 week ultrasound the doctor did not find anything wrong with Autumn's heart. Everything looked normal and she was healthy. Our little angel just happened to be moving around so much we couldn't get good pictures of her heart and the circulation in my placenta (because I had high blood pressure with Aiden) so he had asked me come back at 24 weeks. I said of course; I wanted to see that little girl and get more pictures! Two weeks later I got a phone call from my doctor that changed our lives forever.

That is when we were told that I had to see a specialist at Children's because of this rare heart condition. This is and will be a long journey, but we are grateful for so many things. We are grateful we knew about this condition before she was born, we are grateful we made it to 37 weeks-full term, we are grateful she is a good eater and loves to suck on her nuk, we are so grateful for all of our friends and family who are willing to help us with Alexis and Aiden, food, essentials for Autumn, and so much more.

Thank you so much for the and please pray for us. Thank you very much for your generosity. God Bless!

Latest Journal Update

Happy Fall

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. It sure is beautiful outside. Last week, Autumn had some big appointments. She had her evaluation for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We have to have these evaluations every six months to make sure we are keeping up with her needs.

Autumn does not receive speech therapy. She is testing out at 24 months for receptive language and is testing out at 23 months for expressive language.

We are working on physical therapy and occupational therapy weekly. Autumn's gross motor skills are what we are working on with the recent leg fracture...She is testing out at 18 months. And for fine motors skills she is testing out at 19 months. For cognitive play skills she is testing out at 20 months. She truly is doing amazing and is very smart. She really surprised me at this visit and was ready and willing to "show off."

On Thursday, Autumn had her wellness check up. Our pediatrician is very impressed with Autumn's progress. She knows and sees how hard we are working and how hard Autumn is working. On Thursday, she did get the flu shot and got a little sick from it. She had a slight fever and was very irritable.

On Friday, Autumn had her first dentist appointment. She actually did pretty good given the fact she wasn't feeling well. We did not need to give her antibiotics and won't have to until they actually do a cleaning, because there is so much bacteria in your mouth we don't want Autumn to get an infection. If she would get an infection it can go straight to her heart.

As you can see we have been busy. Our next check up is November 3rd. This is an orthopedic appointment. We have to make sure Autumn's leg has healed well. Next transplant appointment isn't until November 19th!

Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for all the continued prayers and support!

****Autumn went trick or treating for the first time yesterday. She LOVED it!


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Kathy Lange
By Kathy Lange — last edited
What wonderful news! What a special little girl and how amazing the gifts and talents she is already bringing to the world:)
Thanks for the update and please know that Autumn and all your family are in our thoughts and prayers, Alan and LIndsay!
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