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Atul Shukla was first diagnosed with well-differentiated mucinous bronchoalveolar carcinoma (BAC) in December of 2002.  He underwent a lobectomy to remove a 6cm tumor mass in his right lower lobe.  He was cancer free until May 2007. 

The CT scan from May 2007 showed tumor recurrence in both lungs.  He decided to try the EGFR inhibitor Tarceva for 6 weeks.  A second CT scan after 6 weeks indicated that his tumors had grown while on Tarceva.  After discussing the new CT scan results with his oncologist, he immediately started conventional chemotherapy: carboplatin, taxol, and avastin.  He continued the carboplatin/taxol combination for 6 cycles (1 cycle every 3 weeks).  The chemo seemed to have halted the growth of his tumors.  After 6 cycles of carboplatin/taxol, he continued avastin for 6 months.

When the tumors started to grow again, he began taxotere, a second-line chemotherapy for non-small cell lung carcinomas.  He was on taxotere for 2 cycles, and decided to discontinue all treatment while we took a family vacation to Dar (summer 2008).

After returning from Dar, a new CT scan indicated that his tumors had grown (at a slow rate, but there was definite growth).  After discussing the results with his oncologist, he decided to start Alimta, another second line therapy for NSCLCs.  Alimta worked for a certain period of time and then the CT scans revealed progression.

Atul then started pursuing lung transplant option since he was running out of other treatment options.  His condition deteriorated rapidly mid-September.  He was airlifted to Cleveland Clinic on October 1, 2009 and was put on a ventilator October 2, 2009.  

God blessed the family with the good news of donor lungs availability at 7:30 am on Thursday, October 8.  Dr. Ken McCurry, along with his fellow, Dr. Yun provided the good news.  Atul had surgery at 1:30 am Friday morning (October 9).

The Shukla family is eternally grateful to Dr. McCurry, Dr. Budev, Dr. Yun, Dr. Benjamin and all the other doctors, nurses and staff at the Cleveland Clinic for  the treatment Atul has been receiving.  A big thank you and our prayers for the donor and the donor family for the lungs.  We are overwhelmed with the help and support we have received from friends and well wishers.  We thank all  for your prayers and good wishes for Atul's speedy recover. 


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Our Dear Atul,Today, four years ago,  on Oct 7, 2009, the Shukla family and a host of people fervently praying for you, received most welcome news of donor lungs ... Read more

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Hello Jyotikar, Read your message and Atul's wish of distributing kachori's to children will be done! Thank you so very much for thinking about our dear Atul and us.  ... Read more

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To the Shukla Family: Janardhanbhai: Manjulabhabhi, Shau, Krishna and the LuvKhush boys: I dreamt of ATULJI LAST NIGHT: He was shinning bright: Happy: He even said: ... Read more

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Hi, Dr. Shukla, It has been 3 years since you left us. Two weeks ago, we attended Anuj's White Coat Ceremony, you must be very happy to witness that moment. Next ... Read more

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Dear Dr. Shukla, Last week we were in DC attending American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2011 annual meeting. In each of the previous meetings, you always ... Read more

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2 years - its been 2 yrs since Atulbhai left this earth - I know how long these yrs have been for Krishnabhabi & family. Have been thinking of Atulbhai _ I know he is ... Read more

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It does not seem possible that my dear friend Atul has been gone for such a long period of time now.  I'd thought of him earlier today, as I always make a point of doing, ... Read more

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Dear Dr.Shukla,   It has been two years since you passed.  I miss you a lot and pray for you.  You have always been role model and inspiration to us. Your untimely ... Read more

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We may be separated by worlds apart, we may have been torn apart by the thunder storms and the seas inbetween our earths, our hearts shall never stop feeling your ... Read more

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We cherish memories of dear Atul bhai despite knowing him so briefly. He had that special magic, that special ability: to make you feel like you've known him forever. ... Read more

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I know that Atul has left all pain and grief behind him.  Atul is not really gone.  He lives on through his intelligent and beautiful sons who are now young men.  ... Read more

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