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Cannon Beach!

Dear Family and friends,

Let us thank you all so much for your donations to the Cupid's Undie Run this year, as team 'skivvies4Ashley' raised $10,530, the top team in Seattle!

There are times in everyone's lives when, overwhelmed by the emotions of day to day happenings, we need to withdraw, in silence, to pray, to think, to cry.  Jesus did this too, to prepare for the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Ashley has been through many ups and downs these last few months.  In late February, Ashley was able to vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which was wonderful.  After a three hour drive, Ashley was too tired and stayed in bed to rest the next day.  After a day of rest, however, she went to breakfast at our favorite 'Pig 'n' Pancake' restaurant in Cannon Beach, and then enjoyed doing some shopping.  In two days, Ashley was so determined that her body would work for her, that she lost a significant amount of weight.  The experience of Ashley being so determined to spend time enjoying her beloved Cannon Beach, that she would have to put forth that much effort physically and emotionally, was a time that Dan and I will always have in our hearts.

In early March, Ashley transitioned to a new primary care physician, who is also an Osteopathic doctor, and who attended the very SAME osteopathic school in Kirksville, MO, that Ashley's great-great grandmother attended in the late 1800's!  Her new doctor is a young woman, and Ashley has every confidence in her to be in charge of Ashley's health care needs.

Very recently, Ashley has begun experiencing pain in areas that she has had pain in before, but is now not being controlled by her pain medication.  Ashley also has a new tumor growing in the back of her throat, apparently within the last four months, that is large enough to cause her to have difficulty swallowing.  She will be seeing her neurosurgeon very soon to find out what treatment options are available.  Please pray for her!

'We are celebrating today, Lord, a mixture of bunnies hiding colored eggs and angels rolling away stones.  Join us as we gather to share and ponder both, enjoying the one and giving thanks for the other.  Bless those savoring both the food and the message of the day.  Remind us, too, Lord, of unexpected appearances, that this also is a season of spring, a time when rebirth is not so surprising after all.  Send us into the yard where, while hiding colored Easter eggs for the children, we may suddenly understand what this day really means.' - Margaret Anne Huffman