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Ashley’s Story

Our beautiful daughter, Ashley, was born with Neurofibromatosis Type 1.  Ashley lives with chronic pain from tumors that grow on the nerves throughout her body.  Please read more about neurofibromatosis at:

Ashley was born with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis (NF). You can read more about NF at : This disorder has caused numerous tumors to grow internally on Ashleys nerves. Ashley has tumors throughout her body, including her extremities. These tumors cause Ashley to have chronic pain, and she has had several surgeries to debulk the most dangerous and painful tumors. There is no treatment at this time except surgery, which often cannot be performed because surgery results in dysfunction because nerves have to be cut to remove the tumors. We are committed as a family to fund research for Neurofibromatosis until treatments and a cure are found, and we have faith that that will happen in Ashley's lifetime.

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Dear Family and friends,
September 3rd is the BIG day, the Happy Birthday Ashley BIG day!  Ashley, you have been the GIFT to us, a blessing from Heaven and a treasure forever!  Thank you for showing us the way to live is to be LOVING, cherishing every living person and praying for every living creature (except snakes).  Your first name, Elizabeth, has a biblical meaning of 'Oath of God', or justification of God.  This makes perfect sense because of the importance of rainbows to you, how much you enjoy them, and their meaning of a promise between God and his people, to not harm us, to protect us.  Today, Ash, we celebrate your beauty in how you make the very most of each moment in your life, past and present, and that you protect your friends and your family as best you can from hatred and harm of any kind.  Today is the day that we can celebrate you!  Happy Birthday wonderful daughter, and may all of your dreams and prayers come true!

Ashley Vacanti
34603 9th CT Sw
Federal Way, WA  98023
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Claudia Siebenmark
By Claudia Siebenmark
Love you Ashley!! I love rainbows too! Every time I see one I have tears. Joyful tears! Yes!! God's promise to us that not only we see with our spiritual eyes, but He has blessed us to see with our physical eyes. His love, His beautiful Grace is amazing. Have a beautiful, wonderful, Blessed from above, Happy Birthday day tomorrow. And every day always may you be blessed as much as God has blessed us all with you. Love and big hugs coming at you!!
You are always in my heart and prayers!
Joan Magnelli
By Joan Magnelli
Happy birthday Ashley, you brave warrior woman! Stay strong and enjoy your special day! May all your dreams come true!🎂
Susan Trembath
By Susan and Amber Trembath
Happy Birthday Ashley, have a brilliant year ahead, you are a brave girl
Katie McKeown
By Katie McKeown and Family — last edited
Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Ashley. I hope your Birthday is filled with lots of love and happiness. My wish for you is to feel healed from your pain. I miss you and hope you are doing well.
Sherri Silesky
By Sherri
Happy Birthday Ashley! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!
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susan white
By Gene and Susan White
Happy Birthday Ashley! What do you want for your birthday?? Becky if you have any ideas, let me know. Hugs and love and prayers always!
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